Van Helsing 3×11 Review: Of Love And Loss

Axel Miller is one of my very favorite characters on Van Helsing and I have truly loved his development on the show up until now. When he revealed to Scarlett last season that he’d had a sister once, but she had disappeared without a trace, I just knew we were going to revisit this storyline at some point.

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Van Helsing 3×08 Review: Family Reunion

Last Friday’s Van Helsing was everything I could ever expect from an episode featuring the vampire hunter sisters. “Crooked Steps” was easily my favorite episode of the season, and not just because it shed some light on Van Helsing history and added layers to the mythology that left our heads spinning.

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Van Helsing 3×06 Review: Life and Death Confessions

This week’s Van Helsing picks up just a few hours after we left off in “Pretty Noose”. “Like Suicide” felt like a straight up continuation of the events we watched last week, and both episodes could have easily been a two-parter special, instead of leaving us hanging for a week. After all, the last time we saw our heroes, Axel had been taken by the B’ah and Scarlett’s life was hanging by a thread after being poisoned.

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Van Helsing 3×05 Review: Alliances, Relationships and New Beginnings

We made it to Denver! We made it to San Francisco! Our crew has split up and each group has finally made it to their intended destination in “Pretty Noose”, even though things didn’t quite go according to plan for everyone. Last week’s episode was more about laying the ground work for the rest of the season, and I have to say — knowing what’s coming next — they did an exceptional job.

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Van Helsing 3×04 Review: Sam I Am

Let me preface this by saying that Sam absolutely terrifies me. He is the one character that nearly gave me nightmares and I constantly have to watch his scenes through my fingers. In season 1, I knew there was something shady about him, but he was still alright. Everything changed when he became a vampire, though, and since then, I have had a really hard time watching any scene he’s in.

And that’s a testament to Christopher Heyerdahl’s talent. He brings Sam to life with such perfection that he honest to god scares the crap out of me. His expression, his mannerisms, the way he laughs…I just want to run and hide every time he’s on my screen.

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Van Helsing 3×03 Review: A Trip Down Van Helsing History

When I saw the promo for this past Friday’s episode, I knew it would be heavy on the mythology front, and I admit I wasn’t overly excited about it. I love Vanessa, but I usually miss everyone else when they do these episodes that feature only her, because at the end of the day, Van Helsing is an ensemble show.

But you know what, I stand corrected.

Not only was “I Alive” mythology heavy, but it was also 42 minutes of amazing action, female empowerment and just all around badassery.

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Van Helsing 3×02 Review: Superpowered Vampires and Really Obnoxious Elders

You know, when I started Van Helsing, I wasn’t expecting much. I had a long weekend on my hands, no plans, and this show featured an actress I liked, so I thought why not? It’s not even my kind of show, as I really, really don’t do horror of any kind ever.

But I decided to give this a chance and, boy, am I glad I did. Once you get past the graphic stuff — and it’s really, really gross and gory and there’s a lot of blood — Van Helsing is really, really good. Compelling characters, great storylines and amazing mythology. I burned through the first two seasons in a weekend and I just couldn’t get enough.

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