The Good Queen

Regina Mills – The Good Queen, Long May She Reign

From a young hopeful girl, to the Evil Queen that tore away everyone’s happiness, to the Mayor, to redeeming herself and becoming a savior, to the Good Queen. Regina’s journey has been the most complex and layered throughout the realms. She hit the lowest of all lows and came out triumphant. She is the first elected ruler of all the realms, she is the Good Queen.

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The Greatest Love Story NEVER Told: SwanQueen Edition

Once in a lifetime, you’re gifted with a pairing that is so effortless, so beautiful, that it could easily be the greatest love story ever told. The writing, the chemistry, the undeniable magnetic pull between two characters…everything is flawless. They have the perfect plot; they just make sense. So, why would a creative staff waste such a gift? Why discard an epic love story that would have gone down in history as one of the greats? When life hands you such a check, not cashing it is utterly stupid.
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Once Upon A Time: 5 Reasons Roni Should Be Bi

Once Upon a Time season 6 wrapped up the stories we knew with a pretty bow and sent them on their merry way. As season 7 starts, most of the faces we knew will be long gone, but the few that remain will not be anything like the characters we know and love. Regina, Hook, and Rumplestiltskin are getting a makeover. New characters, new villains, new cities…

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