Chicago PD: Season 5 Cast and Episodic Promo Photos

After a long summer full of uncertainty, we finally got our first look at season 5 of NBC hit show Chicago PD. The wildly successful OneChicago franchise returns this fall for a whole new season, but things will not be as they have always been in the Intelligence Unit at District 21.

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Timeless: Watch The Season 1 Gag Reel

Timeless is that kind of show that sneaks up on you. When I first started watching it last fall, I just knew it was a time travel show, so I was obviously interested. But the thing about time travel shows is that they are either really, really good, or really, really bad.

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Blindspot Adds No Tomorrow Alum in Recurring Role

Blindspot ended its second season with a jaw dropping cliffhanger, leaving us to theorize and discuss what Jane’s new glow-in-the-dark tattoos could possibly mean all summer long.

But that doesn’t mean we forgot that Jane (Jaimie Alexander) couldn’t bring herself to shoot her brother Roman (Luke Mitchell), in the season finale, so he has escaped and is up to God knows what when Martin Gero’s NBC hit show returns on October 27.

Well, that was until today, because EW has learned that No Tomorrow‘s Tori Anderson has booked a recurring role on Blindspot Season 3 as a charming socialite, who will befriend Roman, even though he has a dubious agenda. And, apparently, sparks will fly between them, so could we possibly be looking at a new love interest for our dear, incredibly volatile Roman?

Whatever it is, I just hope she’s a good influence on him and that he and Jane can just bury the hatchet and start over as siblings sooner rather than later. After all, they’re the only family each other has left, so I still have faith in you, Roman!

Blindspot Season 3 premieres on a new time slot, Friday, October 27, on NBC.

Chicago Fire: Did The Season 6 Promo Reveal Who Survived?

Oh, please, say it ain’t so!

NBC has just dropped the eagerly-anticipated promo for Chicago Fire Season 6 last night, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, and things do not bode well for our beloved Lieutenant Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer).

As we all remember, the last time we saw the Firehouse 51 team, they had responded to a call at a burning warehouse. Most of the team went in, things went south really fast, and they left us hanging for months without knowing who would survive that horrible inferno.

That final sequence still makes my heart ache, with Mouch having a heart attack in the middle of the fire, and Casey trapped in a room with absolutely no way out, saying goodbye to Dawson. Now, after a long wait this summer, NBC has finally released the promo and a poster — which you can see at the top of the page — and it looks like The Powers That Be just love to torture us when it comes to the fate of our beloved characters.

In the promo, it looks like Casey is found, but we also get what it looks like a funeral scene, with a very prominent shot of Casey’s photo. Even though Jesse Spencer is still front and center in the Chicago Fire season 6 poster, things do not look good for Casey.

See for yourself:

I doubt Jesse Spencer is actually leaving, but then again, you never know with these shows, right?

But if they kill Matt Casey, so help me God, we will riot!

Chicago Fire returns with its sixth season on Thursday, September 28, at 10pm on NBC.