The Gifted 2×09 Review: Andy Makes a Choice


This episode is so big that I don’t think I need much preamble to get into the discussion. The first half of the season has all been leading up to this. Here we go.

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The Gifted 2×08 Review: The World Is On Fire


The little wounded bird finally showed her true colors and blew up the Inner Circle with one murderous moment. The ramifications affect both sides and we finally get more focus placed on Lorna, as Emma Dumont deserves. So, with that in mind, let’s jump right in!

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The Resident 2×09 Review: Who’s Going To Die?

I’ve applauded The Resident these past couple of episodes for finally figuring out its pacing and not overpacking the episodes with too much. Well, unfortunately I can’t give you that this week, The Resident fans.

In the mid-season finale 2×09 “The Dance”, the writers are trying to bring all of their storylines to a peak and by doing so, it feels forced and rather anti-climatic in some regards. When I sat down to gather my thoughts on the episode, I actually forgot about some of the storylines altogether because there was so much going on.

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The Resident 2×06 Review: Clyde, the Abandoned Arm

Halloween special episodes can be some of the best material and some of the worst for a TV series. For The Resident, the Halloween episode was done rather tastefully — some Halloween humor, costumes and a creepy nightmare mystery, but it was not too over the top.

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The Gifted 2×03 “CoMplications” Review


Let me be upfront with you right now — I am going to spend the majority of this review raving about Sean Teale and Marcos Diaz. I loved the entire episode, but by far the stand out moments from the episode all belong to Teale as Eclipse. If you don’t love Marcos Diaz with majority of your heart and soul then this review may not be for you. Ready? Here we go.

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The Resident 2×03 Review: “Three Words”


The overall theme of “Three Words” was trust. Viewers were privy to trust issues in a marriage between two patients. We saw the broken pieces of a parental relationship between Conrad (Matt Czuchry) and his father possibly slowly being put back together. The uneasiness and deceit of a business relationship between Dr. Bell (Bruce Greenwood) and Marshall Winthrop (Glenn Morshower) was revealed. Viewers saw a rare moment where Dr. AJ Austin’s (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) trust in himself and his own decisions wavered briefly. Devon revealed his own trust issues in a medical device provided by Julian Booth (Jenna Dewan) in an elderly patient. Finally (FINALLY!), we were let into the very beginning of CoNic (Czuchry and Emily VanCamp) and what went wrong the first time they attempted a relationship.

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The Resident: 2×02 “The Prince and the Pauper” Review

The Resident‘s “The Prince and the Pauper” started with a peek into the intimate lives of the doctors of Chastain. Mina (Shaunette Renee Wilson) and Micah (Patrick R. Walker) share a conversation about sticking together in his recovery after open-heart surgery. CoNic nibble on vegetable kabobs and dance on a twinkling rooftop while they try to have a distraction-free evening together outside of the hospital.

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