Blue Bloods: Season 9 Premiere “Playing with Fire” Review

Congratulations, Blue Bloods fans! We made it through the hiatus! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

The episode starts the day after the finale ended. Everyone is back to work. Danny and Baez are assigned a floater, Erin gets a promotion, Frank tells his staff about Jamie’s engagement, Jamie and Eddie save people from a burning building. A typical Monday, right? Maybe, but let’s take a closer look. For each event that seems “typical”, there is a circumstance that makes it anything but.

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Blue Bloods: Season 8 In Review

I am sure you are thinking, “Who are you?” or “Blue Bloods? Who watches Blue Bloods?”

Those are both valid questions, and I feel like I should address them.

My name is Logan, and I’m new here. I am so grateful to the team at Writes of the Roundtable for letting me join up! I cannot wait to get to know everyone here! We all seem to have one important thing in common: We love television. However, I am, personally, not the biggest fan of procedurals. There seem to be too many of them on network television — which is why my love of Blue Bloods is surprising even to me.

Blue Bloods finished its eighth season last night and has been renewed for a ninth. On the surface, it seems like an old-fashioned show with conservative values, and that analysis is not completely inaccurate. But this show is more than it seems.

It is not just a procedural; it is a family drama. The Reagans are a family of public servants: two police commissioners, one detective, one assistant district attorney, and one patrol officer. But they are not only these things. They are siblings; they are parents, and they are aunts and uncles. They fight, tease, and encourage each other; then, at the end of every week, they all meet up for a family dinner. They love their family more than anything else, and they stick together through every danger they face. They are genuinely likeable people who care about their city and the people within it. They will make you love them even if you don’t want to (but why wouldn’t you want to? They are precious!).

Blue Bloods is a show about cops, but it is not show that pretends every cop is a good cop. The series explores issues of excessive force and profiling. It constantly discusses the fine line that must be walked to protect the public without victimizing them. It regularly addresses issues of race and the complexities of what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s in between. The topics and narratives it explores are handled with class and sensitivity. The objectivity that this show about cops and lawyers maintains is nothing short of miraculous. This fact shines, even in this glorious season finale (more on why it’s truly glorious later).

I picked a doozy of an episode to review first, my friends. This is a season finale, and I expected it to overwhelm me with feelings. I expected correctly — I just expected the wrong feelings. But as it was a season finale, I feel it is necessary to recap just where our characters’ journeys have taken us this season.

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