DCTV Crossover Crisis on Earth-X trailer

DCTV Crossover Roundtable: Nazis, Really?

This evening, the annual Arrow-verse crossover commences. The four shows involved, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, are combining across two back-to-back nights this year, to create a more seamless, cohesive television event (one would assume). Among the action and romance, this year’s crossover promises something new: Nazis. Here, we discuss our thoughts on the DCTV crossover, the inclusion of Nazis, and what that means for our viewing choices.

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Supergirl: How Karamel Fell Victim To Bad TV Tropes And Weird Expectations

So that happened.

The Karamel reunion we had all been waiting for happened last night, and it’s safe to say that things did not go the way Kara — and all of us — had dreamed about. When Winn tracked down an unknown spaceship in National City, Kara and J’onn went down there to investigate.

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Outlander: Top Five Moments Of 3×10 “Heaven and Earth”

Thrilling is a word I think I can use nearly every week for Outlander, and yet, somehow it doesn’t even come close to what I felt watching “Heaven and Earth.”

Jamie and Claire have been through their own hells and back to each other against all odds. Captains on two ships really should know better than to try and separate them now.

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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time’s Lack of Sensitivity to Rape is Hugely Problematic

The two-episode sign-off before the three-week hiatus featured yet another male character being raped without so much as an utterance of the assault. This lack of sensitivity that Once Upon a Time has shown — multiple times — is majorly problematic, especially since a huge part of the fanbase is made up of children.

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