The Gifted 2×06 Review: Cracks Within the Inner Circle?


The Gifted 2×06 taught viewers a lot about the Frost Sisters and Rebecca. We also learned more about the Inner Circle and their plan (finally).

Let’s get started and really break this down.

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The Resident 2×07 “Trial and Error”: Devon’s Undoing

I have to admit that I worried about this season of The Resident. Last year, I quickly became addicted to the show, but there were some less exciting episodes in the first season that made me begin questioning whether or not the series was going to end up with a second season. Unfortunately, in the times of cancelling shows like it’s nothing, it’s really difficult to become emotionally attached. The Resident proved me wrong this season. Seven episodes in, and it’s only getting better.

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The Gifted 2x05 Review: Can Erg Be Trusted?

The Gifted 2×05 Review: Can Erg Be Trusted?


When last we left our mutants, their mission to stop The Inner Circle was a bust. Lauren was hurt, Lorna and Andy got away with a patient, and the mutants had a public relations nightmare on their hands with the “rebellion” story the press was circulating. We’ve had a week-long break, and now we’re back. Let’s see if The Gifted can get back some of that emotional poignancy I said the last episode was missing, shall we? Here we go.

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The Resident 2×04 Recap &Review: “About Time”

The Resident’s 2×04 “About Time” was a busy episode. Generally, I am not a big fan of stuffing as much plot into an episode as possible, but there was a lot here that was really worth the congestion. Other plot points (mostly to do with Julian and dresses), not so much.

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