Blue Bloods Review: 9×19 Is Danny Moving On?

We’re getting close to the end of the season! Who’s nervous? I know I am! We got off easy at the end of last season, and if this episode is any indication then it certain feels like Blue Bloods is ramping up for the season 9 finale! Let’s jump right in!

Jamie and Erin (Not Eddie)

The episode opened on an insane bar fight with a homicide on the scene. The conflict for the episode centered on the murderer confessing to Jamie, and Erin being hesitant to act on it. Jamie is usually Erin’s back up, which meant watching them collide was tense and awkward and interesting. Even though showcasing this duo meant less Eddie, I found myself not truly minding. The few times we’ve seen Erin and Jamie working side by side at something personal or professional have been dynamic and intriguing. This episode was no exception. Both Jamie and Erin know the law and have a healthy respect for it. If Jamie is coming to blows with her over something, then he must be very hot under the collar.

Of course, it all explodes over family dinner and Danny gets a hilarious moment to enjoy Jamie feeling his frustration. But the best result of their fight is Anthony coming to Jamie to tell him how out of line he was. Anthony is the best thing to ever happen to Erin. Seeing him and Jamie working together to get Erin the evidence she needs was truly wonderful. It was funny and endearing, and filled me with even more respect for both of these men.

Thankfully, Anthony and Jamie find the murder weapon and then Anthony calls a meeting between the two warring parties and demands they talk it out (because Anthony is a truly wonderful friend.) Their plot ends with Erin offering to buy Jamie a drink and with me dying to see that drink. I love watching the Reagan siblings just being siblings. That drink is a missed opportunity for a bit of brother-sister hijinks.


Once again, Danny’s plot opened on high stakes and consequences. He answers a call from Delgado’s wife after someone breaks in and by the time he reaches her she’s been murdered. It results in Danny and Delgado working together to take down the man who killed both their wives.

This plot was hard on my heart, but all that means is that Donnie Wahlberg is doing his job extremely well. This is the kind of story I love to see him tell on this show. His brother may be the more famous actor, but no one should underestimate Donnie Wahlberg. He can bring the heartbreak and tears like no one else.

The scene where he decides not to kill the man who murdered his wife was beautifully painful, and to follow that with the conversation he and Delgado have about Delgado’s sons was poignant. But my absolute favorite of Danny’s scenes in this episode is the scene where he takes off his wedding ring. Danny is silent and not overtly emotional, but Donnie Wahlberg’s expressions tell you everything you need to know about how Danny is feeling in that moment. I was nearly in tears as he dropped that ring into that small velvet bag.

I need Blue Bloods to give me more Danny Reagan moments as breathtakingly emotional as this one.

This does leave me with more than a few questions, though. Will we be getting a new love interest for Danny soon? The show has slowly been planting the seeds with a few guest actresses here and there. I’ll be interested in seeing how much longer we’ll have to wait for Danny to take the plunge back into the dating scene. Will he date someone we’ve already met? Or will the show introduce someone entirely new? How will the fans react to someone who isn’t Linda? I have no clue, but I am dying to find out.


The start of Frank’s problems this episode begins with Lena Janko, Eddie’s mother. I loved the way they played on the audience’s assumptions that Lena is difficult and then gave us a twist. Lena wasn’t being difficult, she was being harassed.

The conversation between Frank and Lena once he figures out what’s really happening was a shining moment in this episode. Frank may not understand Lena completely, but she’s family and she’s a victim, so he has her back no matter what. What could have been a pain point became a lovely bonding moment between the father of the groom and the mother of the bride. And I absolutely loved Frank playing along at the end, as if he and Lena had never met. Frank will already do anything for Eddie’s comfort, just as he would for Jamie. I love one police commissioner with all my heart.

I thoroughly enjoyed this storyline and being allowed to see the softer side of Lena Janko. I hope we get to see more of her soft side as the Reagans and the Jankos continue to combine their families.

We’re getting close to the end, folks! Start preparing yourself for the end of the season intensity! Stock up on tissues and wine and all your favorite comfort foods because something tells me we might need it.


The Good Doctor 2×18 Review: “Trampoline”

The season finale is here already, The Good Doctor fans, and I’m really just left with one question: where the hell did the time go? As up and down I feel this season has been, ‘Trampoline’ definitely went out on a high note for season two, and made me excited for season three. Which I was not sure was possible till now.

As cheesy as it sounds, this episode was a jumping off point for a whole new slew of stories, by wrapping up Shaun’s career struggle with Han, who he asked out on a date, Lim and Melendez status change, and Glassman’s leap of faith.

I mean, good lord, did all that happen in one episode?

Professionally, quite a few things changed here, and all of them were welcome in my eyes, as Andrews — surprisingly — decided to fire Han, and rehire Shaun. He’ll be dealing with consequences, no doubt, but this was a fist bump moment after what Shaun went through to treat the guy who literally beat him up in a bar.

I knew Shaun would be alright, but that didn’t make it any easier when he collapsed on the floor trying to treat the guy, and ended up in a hospital bed unconscious. His drive in doing what he believes is right, and acting as a doctor even when not employed was nothing short of commendable. He had no reason to do this other than it is literally in his bones, and it’s what matters to him.

I wish that Dr. Han had been able to see past his own judgement to see what Lim, Melendez, Claire, Dr. Andrews, and Glassman have learned about him. Claire literally walked in his shoes to figure out what Shaun knew, and couldn’t tell, which made me tear up at their friendship.

Over the course of the season, all of these people have been through numerous challenges, both personally, and professionally on hospital grounds. Yet the one element that keeps me wanting to see what happens next is simply caring about these characters, in spite of the drama introduced that felt contrived at times. This hour, though, showcased how much changes when you let the characters drive what’s going on, rather than letting drama alone be the focus.

Case in point, the moments we got to spend just sitting down, and seeing these characters interact, and what happens when they believe in each other is why it’s so compelling. Claire giving Shaun advice on how to ask a girl out. Park and Morgan going back and forth on their patient, to Lim, and Melendez debating on the future if one of them becomes Chief of Surgery.

If I had to pick out my favorites, though, it would definitely be Glassman proposing to Debbie, and Shaun asking Carla out. Glassman has been through hell and back fighting cancer, and while I’m glad he’s fit as a fiddle, it felt far more poignant for him to make this choice with complete honesty.

Shaun, in his own moment of courage marched right past Lea, and to Carla’s home to ask her out with flowers, and chocolates! Okay, I can’t lie, I was so happy he did this, and her accepting made me cheer as loud as Shaun did in the street. This guy has been through the wringer, and this much needed victory is one date I can’t wait to see in season three.

Really, I just want season three now. How about you guys?

final Thoughts

  • When Shaun walked past Lea in a suit, with his flowers and chocolates, I literally was debating who he was going to ask out; because before Carla came to the door, I legitimately didn’t know who he was going to see.
  • This finale flowed like a proper balance between all the characters, and I’m hoping next season it feels more like that. More character story balance, less roll your eyes at the screen drama, okay, writers?
  • Regardless of who becomes Chief of Surgery next season, I don’t think things are going to be easy for Lim, and Melendez so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.
  • Can Claire find love too next season? I love this girl, she fully deserves it, and more screen time.
  • I’m getting the feeling romance is going to be a tad more prominent from this finale, and God, I hope I’m right because I need more of these characters personal lives, mixed with hospital time.

The Good Doctor will return next fall on ABC.

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