The Resident: Season Finale Recap/Review

The last few episodes of The Resident had me questioning my loyalty. I had already been hesitant about starting a medical drama in the first place but quickly learned that the show was so much more than another Grey’s Anatomy. Due to the fantastic casting, the series truly worked from the very first episode. Because that is what makes The Resident great: These actors are everything.

But when The Resident started taking a turn, causing viewers to question whether or not they fell into a bad crime novel, I started questioning the writers. This show does not need any elements of a thriller novel because it is way too good all on its own. The acting is TOO good for intense fluff. I loved these characters from the pilot — especially the dynamic and chemistry of #CoNic.

There’s a lot going on in “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” and I felt that the writers tied up this first season very well, considering all of the plot lines that were left dangling out in the wind. The Resident has been renewed for a second season; and with a new Chairman of the Board at Chastain, next season, things are bound to get interesting.

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