The Gifted 2×06 Review: Cracks Within the Inner Circle?


The Gifted 2×06 taught viewers a lot about the Frost Sisters and Rebecca. We also learned more about the Inner Circle and their plan (finally).

Let’s get started and really break this down.

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Blue Bloods 9x06 Review: Can Jamko Find Work-Life Balance?

Blue Bloods 9×06 Review: Can Jamko Find Work-Life Balance?

I love how Blue Bloods manages to stay so relevant. This could very easily become a show that doesn’t adjust with the times. It has a solid audience that will always come back, mostly for Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg and Jamko, so the writers could decide that’s enough and play it safe with standard procedural storylines. But they don’t. They continue to explore topics like diversity, sexism and the ramifications of public opinion; and they always do it with class and intelligence.

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The Gifted 2x05 Review: Can Erg Be Trusted?

The Gifted 2×05 Review: Can Erg Be Trusted?


When last we left our mutants, their mission to stop The Inner Circle was a bust. Lauren was hurt, Lorna and Andy got away with a patient, and the mutants had a public relations nightmare on their hands with the “rebellion” story the press was circulating. We’ve had a week-long break, and now we’re back. Let’s see if The Gifted can get back some of that emotional poignancy I said the last episode was missing, shall we? Here we go.

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