blue bloods 9x05 review danny vs eddie Credit: Blue Bloods on twitter

Blue Bloods 9×05 Review: Danny vs. Eddie

The Blue Bloods writers couldn’t have picked a more appropriate name for this episode. The personal interactions outweighed any of the procedural elements this week, and I was thrilled by it. I am so excited to dig into this one!

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The Gifted 2×03 “CoMplications” Review


Let me be upfront with you right now — I am going to spend the majority of this review raving about Sean Teale and Marcos Diaz. I loved the entire episode, but by far the stand out moments from the episode all belong to Teale as Eclipse. If you don’t love Marcos Diaz with majority of your heart and soul then this review may not be for you. Ready? Here we go.

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Blue Bloods 9×02 Review: “Meet the New Boss”

Let me just say, there are certain things I have come to expect from Blue Bloods and, while last week’s premiere was excellent, this episode felt more like what I really want from this show.

It tackled difficult topics, explored social concerns, featured family struggles, and still one of our Reagans was in jeopardy. Every bullet point that I look for in a truly excellent Blue Bloods episode was ticked off the list this week. Let’s talk about what made this episode particularly strong.

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