The Resident 2×19 Review: A Storm Is Coming

The Resident 2×19 “Snowed In” takes place during a rare Atlanta blizzard. For many reasons, I was less interested and disengaged from this episode than the rest in this season. After so many episodes that have been intensely plot and character accelerating, even the backdrop of an intense southern blizzard couldn’t carry all of the missed opportunities here along.

Three’s A Crowd

I’m just going to get right into my biggest disappointment in The Resident this season. I have loved the history and character development presented to us in this second season. We finally were clued into what exactly went wrong with CoNic the first time around and the backstory was incredibly revealing as to why both Nic and Conrad were so hesitant to get back together in the first season. They had serious issues to deal with before they could move forward with one another and it was understandable and completely relatable.

This new direction that the writers are taking CoNic, however, is getting old and mundane. We were already taken down the overused love triangle direction with Devon/Priya/Julian. Now the writers have inserted this really underdeveloped and questionable character that is attracted to Nic but doesn’t reflect on the couple’s failings. I’m incredibly confused as to the direction the writers are going with Alec. He’s clearly interested in Nic and she’s made it rather clear there is no interest in him. Yet, she’s pushing herself further away from Conrad and Conrad is seemingly taking a stronger stance on where he stands which is wanting more. So, why is Alec seemingly thrown into this whole equation? It just seems sloppy.

Let’s be clear here, I am very clearly a Team Nic girl. My hope is that the writers are finally allowing Nic to have her chance to figure things out for herself. In the last attempt at their relationship it was made very clear that Conrad had a lot of issues to work out. Clearly he has made a huge step in trying to make things right but it seems that it is now Nic that has to work through her own life battles. This season we’ve been presented Nic’s familial baggage that is very clearly prohibiting her from looking at long-term decisions and commitment. This is all understandable.

That being said, a female character should have the right all on her own to decide her feelings and thoughts on longevity in a relationship. She shouldn’t need some portable hospital van driving new doctor who rolls quickly in and out of locations to be the driving force behind her indecisiveness.

Since when does the main female character need a new man to be confused about the direction her relationship is taking? The more this strange triangle plays out the more frustrated I get with where the writers are going with the Nic/Conrad/Alec storyline.  Alec even somehow managed to involve himself with the treatment of Jessie (Julianna Guill).

When Jessie asks Nic about Alec, she accuses Nic of using Alec. Nic reaffirms that having Alec around is good for patients, the clinic, and Chastain. Please don’t drag this out for as long as you did with Julian for the love of The Resident fans. It’s honestly taking away from all the good that this show has to offer.

“Go To Hell”

I feel closest to Donna (Shannon Wilcox) out of all of The Resident patients. I would totally hold a grudge for 30 years and then want to tell off that person on my death bed. And metaphorically, it was a grudge that stood between Conrad and Nic in “Snowed In”. Conrad and Nic argued about Donna’s fate when her prognosis began going south during the blizzard. Donna, a terminally ill cancer patient, was at Chastain due to her declining health and was to be transferred to hospice care the next day. She was taking control of her death and Nic and Conrad were there to help her get to the end of life that she wanted.

When Donna shares her hope to see a long lost love of 30 years while she in hospice care, Nic is touched. Donna soon begins suffering symptoms of a strangulated hernia which causes Nic and Conrad to debate over Donna’s fate. Donna is a ‘DNR’ patient and has expressed her wishes to not have any major procedures or interventions to save her life.

Conrad believes that Nic needs to let Donna’s conversation about her long lost love go. But Nic doubles down and puts her heels firmly in the ground. Something about Donna’s conversation resonates with her: a long lost love and a chance to die peacefully in a warmer environment like hospice care rather than the cold, machine-filled rooms of the hospital.

Nic and Conrad have a bit of a power struggle where Conrad eventually pulls rank and says that he’s Donna’s doctor and he will not allow a medical procedure on a DNR patient. Nic goes above Conrad and talks to Bell who suggests that he will do the surgery himself. Naturally, the surgery goes awry and Bell performs chest compressions on Donna mid-surgery to prevent another surgical death on his record. Donna pulls through the surgery and forgives Nic for her decision to medically intervene. She says that she respects Nic for trying to do the right thing for her.

When the long lost love of 30 years does finally arrive, Donna expresses how much she once loved him and how much it hurt when he broke her heart. And then she so easily proclaims, “Go to hell!”

This clearly surprises us all but most definitely Nic, who has just stuck her own neck (and her relationship’s) on the line for the proclamation of a love once lost. Conrad and Nic debated, argued over, and pulled rank for a grudge. Are Nic’s own insecurities driven by a grudge from their first attempt at a relationship?


The episode begins with some unlikely drivers of a speeding car crashing into the ambulance bay causing two EMT’s to jump out of harm’s way. Eva (Jada Garcia) and Eli (Peyton Jackson) are two young children who had to save their father from a snow bank and transport him to the hospital in a car due to the emergency conditions throughout the city. Tony (Walter Colson) is suffering from hypothermia and Mina cannot get his heart restarted.

Mina instructs Nurse Hundley (Denitra Isler) to get AJ to the hospital to assist her. AJ’s car is stuck and while he is rattling off every reason why there’s no way he can get to the hospital, Nurse Hundley tells AJ that Mina needs him. And then AJ Austin after a grand profession about how no weather condition could keep him from getting to the hospital for his protégée, AJ Austin gets out of his car and starts to walk. In a blizzard. For Mina.

The man would literally do anything for her.

Mina needs reassurance from AJ during the procedures because Eva is relying on her to save her father. Mina even confides in AJ that Eva reminds her of her sisters that were killed in a fire. AJ tells Mina that she doesn’t need him but he still tries to get to the hospital. Mina ends up performing an emergency procedure to save Tony and when the Raptor arrives as Mina’s closing up, he starts laughing that Mina didn’t need him at all. Fist bumps for Mina.

He’s so proud. And so in love.

Mina may not have needed AJ for surgery because let’s face it, Mina is a boss when it comes to cardiovascular surgery; however, Mina does need AJ but not professionally. What happened after Micah told Mina that the engagement was off? Does AJ know? Is Mina doing okay? Come on, The Resident writers! You didn’t address this one at all. And can we just talk about how comfortable these two are with one another? When Mina is doubting herself, she outright tells AJ what is going on and he listens and comforts her accordingly.   When are they going to see that their relationship has gone well beyond professional?

Meanwhile, while Mina is tending to Tony, the children are being cared for by Bell and Dr. Voss. Oddly enough, I ship them. Voss brings out more of the humanity in Bell and Bell seems to genuinely care for Kitt. But as for them, what happened to Kitt’s ex-husband? Is she still supporting him and helping him recover? Is she still regretting her decisions earlier in life?

And how will Bell screw this up?

Random Thoughts

  • New Julian-less Devon is so much more likable. His personality and his charisma is back and he even helped the young med student get through his first death examination experience with understanding.
  • Whoa, Conrad. That glare after catching Alec hanging around Nic and Jessie.
  • I know I ragged a lot on the writers for CoNic in this episode but I will give credit where credit is due. The scene where they banter back and forth about Alec’s intentions was incredibly well done. Conrad points out that there’s an issue. Nic acknowledges that there is an issue with Alec and says she’s already addressed it and is handling it. Conrad tells Nic he trusts her and knows that she’ll handle it herself. I mean, this is major progress for their once tender relationship when it came to jealousy. And the scene was quick but really revealing. And he even managed to joke about punching him in the face without making Nic mad. Nicely done, guys.
  • Nurse Jessica tried to stop Mina from doing that surgery on her own but for doubting herself so much during this incident, Mina’s instincts sure did kick in quick. She knew he’d die if she didn’t act. She also knew she could do it.
  • But then Nurse Jessica gives Mina props, “It was awesome!”
  • I really loved this scene between Devon and the med student, Eric about death. Devon reaffirms to the student that death is terrifying to even those that have been around it. It never really becomes normal but death is a part of life. I just really love how The Resident always seems to put in these little scenes that even make the viewers remember that doctors are human beings with feelings and doubts just like the rest of us.
  • Snow was a big inconvenience on this particular night at Chastain but it ended up saving the day when Tony developed a 105 fever.
  • “I don’t want to regret the things we haven’t said.” And then she goes on to say that there is still a lot to talk about.
  • They said their ‘I love you’s’ but their faces said so much more as they turned and walked away from each other. I am not pleased.
  • The promos for next week hint at a rough road ahead for CoNic and I am not having it.

The Resident airs on Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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