Blue Bloods 9×13 Review: Jack is Back

We are back from a two-week hiatus! I hope everyone enjoyed the break and managed to find something to fill their Friday night in its absence. I know it was probably difficult. Blue Bloods is not an easy habit to kick, and why would you ever want to? Let’s get started, shall we?

Jamie and Eddie

Eddie spends this episode worried about her and Jamie staying close, despite their busy and often conflicting work schedules. It’s also Eddie’s turn to ride with Jamie this week, which felt so comfortable and familliar. I just love these two so much, and was immediately soft watching them riding together again.

The episode starts with dress shopping for that dream wedding gown and, as expected, Vanessa Ray as Eddie looks stunning. We all knew whe would. I also got to check an item off my wishlist — Reagan women bonding time! I have been dying for a scene of just Erin, Nicky, and Eddie since last season’s finale. I loved this glimpse of a girls’ day. I could do with more of these three together.

As usual, Bridget Moynahan and Sami Gayle play beautifully off of each other as mother and daughter. Blue Bloods lucked out with Sami Gayle. Casting actors when they’re young is a risk and may backfire as they grow older, depending on whether or not their talent grows with them. With Gayle they run no such risk. She is charming and engaging and I find myself wishing for more and more of her every season.

Erin mentions that her relationship with Jack became tense after they stopped working at the DA’s office together, and Eddie immediately gets worried, which causes her to volunteer to drive Jamie the next day. The rest of their plot is about a single mother, who was conned into buying fake insulin and almost lost her son. It was very tragic, and this poor young woman almost lost her child because of it. But after they help her, in true Eddie fashion, the mother receives a “donation” to help her afford her son’s insulin.

Jamie’s reaction is beautiful. After so many episodes where they were at odds, this episode is refreshing. I love seeing these two support and encourage each other. Estes and Ray have outstanding chemistry and the honesty with which they play Jamie and Eddie’s relationship always shines through. They do an amazing job of illustrating why Jamie and Eddie are such strong relationship goals. They make mistakes but they learn from them. They continue to function and talk. This is a healthy and loving partnership. Thank you, Blue Bloods, for delivering the goods.


Frank seemed to carry the most procedural plot in this episode, but even that didn’t truly fit the procedural mold. The criminal in this case received mercy and sympathy, due to having the capacity to be an honorable man. Once again, Selleck reminds us that Frank is nothing if not fair. If I haven’t said it enough, then let me say it again: Frank Reagan for president. That is all.


Danny’s plot has a lot of procedural element to it too, but they also gave him an interesting twist by adding in a medium. One that seems genuine. Danny is, of course, skeptical, but this woman somehow keeps giving them helpful information. Baez and Danny disagreeing over this was an enjoyable dynamic in this episode. I love the way they disagree because they still respect each other and they still manage to get the job done. They may hassle each other about it but it never gets ugly. What a positive partnership. As the fans say, I stan. It’s Baez that really brings Maggie, the medium, in on the case.

The case is secondary to what I enjoyed about this plot. I loved watching Donnie Wahlberg play Danny as a conflicted cynic. He did a phenomenal job. The scenes where Maggie claims to be speaking with Linda were so poignant and emotional. The “Love you” and “Love you more” moment in particular had me gasping. This is the side of Wahlberg’s acting that I crave to see. I am so grateful for this episode for giving that to me again. He plays vulnerable so well, even if he doesn’t play that particular feeling very often.

This is the second time the writers have teased the possibility that Linda’s death was not an accident and, while that would give me more of vulnerable Wahlberg, my heart would be shredded if Linda was killed in retaliation for one of Danny’s cases. I hope they don’t follow through with that particular tease. The idea of it hurts me very deeply.


Jack Boyle is back. Erin’s plot can be summarized in that one short sentence. Honestly, I have missed Jack. I disliked him at first, but over the last few seasons, he has definitely grown on me. I was happy to see him again.

But, of course, his return is dramatic as always. He asks Erin for help with a case involving a “friend”, who turns out to be an ex-girlfriend. Anthony finds out while investigating and of course rushes to make sure Erin knows, because protecting Erin is what Anthony does and we love him for it. But it’s obvious here that Anthony doesn’t have the full picture and assumes the worst, and he’s not alone. Erin assumes the worst too, and confronts Jack with it. This time, however, Jack’s not having it and he tells her exactly how he feels about that.

And, I’m loathe to admit it, he has a point. There are other themes in literature through history that are similar. A character is so good that they hold other’s to that standard and once a mistake is made their forgiveness is withheld. This is not entirely a bad thing, but in Erin’s case, it does skew the way she sees Jack. He has been trying for a while to repair what he broke and be a better man. That is why I have started to enjoy him as a character. He is learning. But Erin can’t see that through all his mistakes and no matter what he does she finds fault in it. It’s understandable but flawed. I love that Jack calls her out on it (and I love that Erin then calls out her father for the same behavior).

I, for one, am hoping for a permanent Jack and Erin reconciliation at some point. They just can’t stay away from each other and it’s clear they are still in love (especially given what his ex-girlfriend revealed to Erin toward the end of the episode). I think Jack has learned and grown enough that, if he were to have a second chance, then he could make Erin happy. But that’s just one fan’s opinion. We’ll see what the writers and producers decide.

Blue Bloods airs on Fridays at 10/9C on CBS.

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One thought on “Blue Bloods 9×13 Review: Jack is Back

  1. Blue Bloods 9×13 … good review but I don’t trust Jack. Neither does Frank, Danny or Anthony.
    Jamie & Eddie? What more any anyone say. Would like to see more of them off the job though.
    Please keep your reviews coming. Look forward to them. Thank you.


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