The Resident 2×11: The Error of Our Ways

Learn Humility

It was a mistake that was almost made that haunted ‘The Raptor’ himself, Dr. AJ Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner). The Resident 2×11: “Operator Error” begins with a pep-talk between best friends, Devon (Manish Dayal) and Bradley (Steven Reddington). Bradley is trying to kickstart his medical marketing firm by pitching QuoVadis products to Chastain. While giving his presentation, Bradley collapses to the floor and Bell confirms that he has no pulse.

Devon greets the ambulance to discover Bell and Bradley in the back of the ambulance. Devon tries everything to save his best friend, but after 20 minutes of no pulse and a final confirmation of no heart activity, he has to stop compressions and grieve the loss of his friend.

I normally spend a lot of these reviews praising Emily VanCamp and Matt Czuchry, but the absolute standout of this episode was Manish Dayal. I have always loved Devon’s character, but it truly takes a really talented actor to take a character to a place where they make mistakes, but are still understood. Devon has made a lot of mistakes this season, but despite all of it, he made it impossible to not grieve along with him this episode. Dayal has taken Devon from the naive, arrogant new doctor with a basic sidekick storyline to a sensitive human being with so many layers. I hope Dayal continues to reveal more of Devon and all of his imperfections.

After Bradley’s death, an autopsy is performed and when it is suggested that the QuoVadis device possibly failed, Gordon Page is quick to appear and perform damage control. The scapegoat quickly becomes the surgeon that performed the surgery: Dr. AJ Austin. When Mina reveals to AJ that Bell and Page are looking to blame him for the death, AJ reacts by throwing medical equipment at a surgical light in the operating room.

Page backs up his claims that Austin’s unwillingness to listen to the QuoVadis rep in the operating room is grounds alone to prove that Dr. Austin possibly mishandled the device causing a failure. Page threatens Austin with Julian Booth’s surgical notes. Mina is backed into a corner as well because she knows that AJ almost inserted the device in backwards because AJ wasn’t listening to Julian. When AJ confides in his longtime mentor, Dr. Abe Benedict (Mike Pniewski) about his situation, Dr. Benedict informs AJ that he knew Dr. Austin’s “God-complex” would get in his way. His advice to AJ: “Learn humility. If you make a mistake; own it.”

Viewers know that Dr. Benedict, like Bell, has a deal with Gordon Page to use QuoVadis devices. Yet, despite knowing that QuoVadis products are not the high-quality that Page claims them to be, Dr. Austin decides to accept responsibility for Bradley’s death. He tells Mina in a heart-to heart that Bradley paid for his mistake and for his unwillingness to compromise or listen when questioned. Mina tells him to “be better” and says that benching himself will not help him or the people who require a good surgeon. And yet, Dr. Austin chooses to remove himself from the operating room, regardless of the mistake that wasn’t really his.

At this alarming new, humble AJ Austin, Mina confronts Bell. She knows that there’s a reason Bell is trying to make AJ take the fall for the device. She threatens Bell that she will discover what he owes Gordon Page. Knowing full well that Mina always means business, Bell instructs the doctor performing the autopsy that Bradley died of heart failure due to underlying heart disease. Do these larger hospitals actually perform their own autopsies? Is this really a thing?

The Advocate

My other favorite part of this episode, besides Manish Dayal’s outstanding performance, was the spotlight on the friendship of the original duo: Conrad and Devon. Knowing that a grieving Devon needs a win, Conrad gifts him with a patient that truly needs an advocate. In a sassy exchange, Devon learns that Marisol has been experiencing pain for years. She suffered from an ectopic pregnancy and an emergency c-section where she ultimately lost her newborn son. The trauma caused problems in her marriage and led to divorce. She tells Devon that she knows her pain is real, but she has yet to find a doctor to listen to her. She needs to be believed.

Devon turns his grief into the catalyst for finding out what’s going on with Marisol. He performs tests and truly listens to what she wants as a patient. The tests reveal that Marisol has a mass and when a quick removal becomes a threat to losing her only viable ovary, Devon stands up for Marisol’s wishes that she would like to be a mother one day and boldly instructs the surgeon he has to do everything he can to save the ovary. When the surgeon decides to perform a more invasive surgery to ultimately save Marisol’s ovary, they discover that the years of pain that she had been experiencing was from a surgical sponge left inside of her from the emergency c-section.

When Devon breaks the news to Marisol, she is surprisingly happy. The pain that she says ruined her life is now gone. She thanks Devon for being the advocate that fought for her and solved her years of pain. At this, Devon excuses himself and exits the room with tears in his eyes. Conrad reassures that Marisol was exactly the patient Devon needed while he was grieving the loss of his best friend. Conrad then joins Devon, silently, and walks by his side down the hallway.

I loved everything about Devon standing up for his patient that had endured so much heartbreak, but I loved Conrad standing up for his friend and colleague and all of the pain and heartbreak he had just had to endure even more.


Nic Nevins is the nurse she is because she can read people. In this episode, Dr. Shaw (Miles Gaston Villanueva) was enlightened to all of the magical powers that Nic Nevins possesses. The Chastain Community Clinic is now officially up and running.

When a patient comes in for a cough, Nic discovers that he has a leg wound that needs to be tended to right away. It’s the patient’s granddaughter, Aubrey that Nic reads and builds rapport with right away. Aubrey is shy and hesitant with Dr. Shaw and Nic, at first. Dr. Shaw dismisses her as possibly having a drug problem because of her cold and wary behaviors.

Nic confides to Dr. Shaw that she knows drug addicts all too well because of her sister, and has faith that she sees something more in the young girl. After getting Aubrey to open up, she learns that her mother was a nurse before she passed away. Because Nic believes in the eager-to-learn teen, she teaches her to pack the wound, treat, and care for her grandfather so that he doesn’t have to make frequent hospital trips that he can’t afford and that would make him more susceptible to infection. When Dr. Realized-That-Nic-Is-A-Queen is impressed by all of Nic’s intuitiveness, he asks her out.


While Nic and Dr. Anti-CoNic are tending to the clinic, Conrad visits with Zoey (Daniella Alonso) and Henry (Evan Whitten) to catch up. Henry wants to show Conrad his MVP trophy since Conrad had been staying in touch and helping to coach Henry during baseball season. While they’re catching up, Henry starts to experience some unexplained twitching. Zoey’s concern makes Conrad want to perform some tests.

Henry is also now the poster boy for QuoVadis. As Bradley collapsed to the floor, Henry’s face was plastered on the screen of Chastain’s conference room as the ideal success story of QuoVadis products. Conrad’s test revealed normal brain activity. The QuoVadis product seems to be working — so far.

What wasn’t normal was that incredibly awkward encounter that followed in the clinic, where Dr. Shaw addresses Conrad as Henry’s father. This causes Zoey to awkwardly explain the relationship situation going on. Conrad was their doctor, but was now their — insert awkward long pause. Conrad interrupts and says that he is now a friend. Zoey then awkwardly points to Conrad and Nic and reveals that they are actually the ones who are together. Insert Conrad’s pointed stare at Dr. Shaw. Zoey’s longing stare insinuates that Conrad may just be the MVP to her heart causing The Resident writers to not be the MVP of my own.

Do not break up, CoNic.

Random Thoughts

  • Still no word on Julian. This makes me suspect even more she’s just going to come strolling in and take down QuoVadis. Please do it soon.
  • “Au contraire, Satan” is quite possibly the best line I’ve ever heard on TV. Dr. Austin, once again, for the win.
  • My heart absolutely ached for Marisol. How many times have you been to the doctor and they just won’t take your word without inserting all of their bias and books into it? I feel you, Marisol and I’m glad they gave her a pain-free ending.
  • These surgeons that are in bed with Gordon Page better go down with QuoVadis when it all ultimately goes down in flames. How dare Benedict burn ‘The Raptor’.
  • I love little Henry, but Zoey needs to stay away from Conrad. And Dr. Anti-CoNic needs to stay away from our precious Nic. I know that all of this is showing the path these writers are going down, but come on, keep them in their happy little bubble for the love of good couples of TV.
  • I hope they don’t go down the path of Henry’s device malfunctioning. Please don’t do that to that mother.
  • To Bradley: For thinking that Hawaiian pizza tastes like vacation. Loved this whole scene.
  • Seriously, do hospitals perform their own autopsies? Nothing surprises me in the healthcare field anymore. Loving that The Resident always go there and reveals all of the shadiness in healthcare.

The Resident airs on Mondays at 9/8C on FOX.

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