Blue Bloods 9×09 Review: Did Frank Go Too Far?

This week’s episode was called “Handcuffs” and I won’t lie to you, there were times this episode was very frustrating to watch. Much like our characters, I had conflicting opinions on a lot of the decisions that were made. So much of this episode’s plot was interlinked that I’m not sure how to divide it up this week. But let’s go ahead and discuss.


Alright, I know I’ve been asking for them to give Danny stories that have more personal stakes, but I’m not sure this is what I meant. The actual story with Danny trying to help a teenager lead a crime free life was wonderful. I love watching Danny care for others. He is tough, but generally fair and he tries to be compassionate but hides it under a gruff exterior. Donnie Wahlberg is brilliant at it and it makes Danny so much fun to watch.

But the flirting with the boy’s older sister felt a little questionable to me. I liked her. She was tough and honest and very upfront with Danny. I can understand having a crush on Danny Reagan. But having him seemingly interested in her in return took things a little too far for me. I am hoping they were using her to establish that Danny is starting to consider dating again. If Danny were to move on, I would hope that give him someone a bit more age appropriate.

The only thing I can say for this new character is that she seems oddly reflective of Baez. Is that foreshadowing? Possibly? Would this reviewing love to see them build the tension between Danny and Baez? Yes. Do I realistically think it would actually happen? No. Did this episode give me a small fraction of deluded hope that they might someday explore pairing Danny and Baez? Yes, somehow it did.

Erin and Nicky

Finally, they use Sami Gayle for for more than just a family dinner scene. I have been waiting for her to be featured all season. Not only was she featured but she further supported my idea that Nicky either needs to be a reporter or a cop. Which brings me to some criticisms about Nicky. I know nothing about what she’s up to these days. Is she still in school? Maybe getting an advanced degree? Is she working? She has an apartment to herself, so she must be. Where is she working? This is the first we’ve seen of her personal life in too many episodes. I would love to know the answers to these questions.

But let’s move on to her actual plot. I loved Bridget Moynahan in this episode. She had a chance to show off her comedic timing opposite Steven Schirripa. Her frustration with Nicky’s boyfriend — and how sickeningly cute they are — was immensely amusing. Her performance while she tells Nicky about her suspicions is wonderfully layered. She hates to say it, but she knows she doesn’t have a choice. For her job and for Nicky’s sake.

But it’s what Nicky does with that knowledge that had me cheering. This young woman is a natural investigator. I need the show to do something with it. Make her an investigative journalist or have her commit to attending the police academy. Honestly, if I had my way, Nicky would be the show’s new beat cop and both Jamie and Eddie would move on with their careers. I long to see Nicky, who has a younger and more liberal perspective, on the street as a cop and offering her opinion at family dinners. Sami Gayle has the potential to rip our hearts out, if only the show would let her.

Frank, Garrett, Jamie, and Eddie – Oh My!

This is the plot I didn’t know how to divide up. It’s all so tangled together that I cannot separate them out. The episode starts with Eddie and Maya making a call not to arrest a group of punks who decide to try to provoke them into a violent reaction. They decide to let it go and walk away. There didn’t seem to be anything actionable for an arrest and they didn’t want to escalate the situation.

In my mind, that was the right decision, but I seemed to be in the minority. Because of that, I spent the rest of the episode conflicted. I can understand Frank’s reasoning and why Jamie and Sid agree with him. But understanding it doesn’t mean I agree. I, for one, think the reaction was excessive. I was comforted by the fact that both Jamie and Frank seemed torn over it too. But I also agreed with Frank’s point that sometimes you have to be decisive and take action. You can’t sit around and wait for the right thing to appear all the time. If you do that, you may never do anything.

Usually, I find myself sometimes frustrated with Garrett, but this episode I was fully on his side and frustrated by everyone else. Garrett changed his mind in the end, but I did not change mine. I’m still not convinced Frank made the appropriate call even if it led to an important arrest.

Ultimately, the super team of Jamie and Eddie received credit that was well deserved. Those two are going places. However, I am concerned by the fact that they are apparently in a position where they’re keeping their engagement a secret. I thought the original point of them splitting up as partners was to make sure they were open about their relationship with the NYPD. That does not seem to be happening and, honestly, I think Jamie being Eddie’s supervisor is a worse position to be in than him being her partner. I’m a little confused about how this plot is going to end. It can’t end well. I hope this gets sorted out by the end of the season without too much mess.

Overall, this episode wasn’t great for me. There are some flaws in the writing and the overarching plot that I assumed would be sorted out by now. They haven’t been dealt with yet and I’m hoping the later half of the season will address them. This episode’s specific plot wasn’t my favorite, but I can appreciate stories that showcase our character’s flaws and “Handcuffs” definitely did that.

Blue Bloods airs on Fridays at 10/9C on CBS.

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4 thoughts on “Blue Bloods 9×09 Review: Did Frank Go Too Far?

  1. Agree…Molly too young for Danny. Splitting up Jamie/Eddie partnership on patrol together was for safety reasons not because they needed to be “open” with the NYPD. If the Commissioner has no problem with them working at the 29…it’s no one’s business. But Jamie’s Captain should be informed & I don’t think he has. That’s a bad move.\ or not. Maybe he does know.


    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes, them splitting up was partially for safety reasons but office romances even in average settings are frowned upon. Especially between supervisors and subordinates. It should be a concern and I’m still not sure why it isn’t. I’m so glad you took the time to read and comment!


  2. Tom Selleck in an interview in November said none of the cast have contracts beyond the current season 9.
    He said he loves doing the show and wants to continue but doesn’t know if there will be a season 10. Fans need to contact CBS to not let this happen.


    1. If that’s the case then they definitely should! Twitter is a good place for that! But typically if a show has killer ratings then they should be a safe bet. Blue Bloods is a consistent performer so hopefully it’s not actually at risk.


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