The Good Doctor 2×08 Review: “Stories”

Well, that was one hell of an hour for The Good Doctor. I mean, I literally felt an “oomph” as the credits rolled for “Stories” end. I admit that, as much as the characters were more neatly woven into the tapestry of the show’s story, they never fail to hit the beat and surprise me.

One issue I need to talk about, before I get into the meat of this, is Glassman. For someone who’s struggling with cancer, his stories have been far more sidelined than I expected. Now I have mostly assumed it’s because they want this struggle to be his and not tied directly just to Shaun, but the effect it’s had on his screen time has not been one that I’ve liked. Can we please see more of him?

With that in mind, let’s dive into the emotional roller coaster that was The Good Doctor.

Park, Morgan & Anti Vaxxers

Look, I’m not going to lie — if any of you out there agree with these parents over vaccines, I respect your opinion. However, it is vastly different than mine, and I’m with Morgan all the way on this one. It’s painful in this day and age to see anyone — kids especially — get sick with diseases that can be prevented with modern medicine. Morgan, in a surprise for the night, was particularly judgmental, not out of her own strong opinions, but from experience. I can’t blame her for letting that memory guide her, but Park appropriating it to get the parents to consider vaccines was annoying.

Park, I like you sometimes, but use your own damn stories when it comes to patients.

Thankfully, while the spine issue was healed, the family was not so easily fixed. Park deciding to put forth his own story in an attempt to help the parents reconcile came a little late for the husband, but it was just in time for the audience. I may not have future knowledge of where this is going, but if you want to make Park and Morgan bet over a 500-dollar whisky, and then go to a gun range together more often, I’m all for it. These two banter quite well, and it was nice to see them comfortable with each other.

Shaun to Glassman & Claire Vs Melendez

Shaun and Claire get to face down some heavy emotions this week, after a couple comes in fresh off a car accident to discover the wife has lost her inhibitions. All for the price of kissing Shaun as a “thank you.” I get she had a medical condition, but I felt so bad for Shaun having a stranger kiss him out the blue.

Thankfully, he and Claire work to prove there’s a medical cause for her behavior. Sadly, it took Claire a while to believe in what Shaun fought to prove, as it came out she was courting other residency programs. Now I wasn’t worried she was going anywhere, but it was funny that it took the President of the hospital and the vice president of the foundation to get her and Melendez talking again.

I was proud of Claire standing her ground on what she did to get treatment for the anorexia patient, but I knew, deep down, the refusal to talk to Melendez was pure stubbornness. Melendez was exhibiting the same infuriating trait on letting her back into his service because “he never broke protocol.”

I have no doubt he was upset with Claire for going above him, but if it were beyond forgiveness, he’d already have broken this impasse himself. The second he walked into that room to speak to her, as ordered, the mood changed and you knew this was less of a professional talk than a personal reconciliation between two stubborn souls.

Is that the shipper in me talking? Oh God yes, and I loved every second of it. He was so surprised that he apologized until she explained it was only so he’d have cover. Claire, you are a brilliant lady for figuring this out; and two, for choosing to let the world think you’d apologized.

Bless Nicholas Gonzalez for saying so much with only facial expressions, as he quietly took the cover and welcomed her back to his team. I could go on and on about it, but what it comes down to is that neither one of them truly wanted to walk away. It just would take a miracle to admit it! Add in the underlying chemistry between the two that makes me want to yell “WOULD YOU JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY?”.

God help me, but I gotta give credit to the writers for resolving this conflict without compromising their characters. Curiosity has me asking why, though. What was the point, and what will this lead to?

Thank God Monday isn’t too far away.

I can’t finish this, though, without mentioning how utterly brilliant the last scene was with Glassman and Shaun. Glassman rivals Claire and Melendez in stubbornness, but underneath it was all fear. He didn’t trust anyone else but Shaun to do these memory tests and when it landed that he forgot Steve’s name, my heart broke. I pray he can get his memory back, along with some more screen time, please and thank you. I haven’t seen nearly enough of Richard Schiff this season.

The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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