Blue Bloods 9×08 Review: Can Jamie Handle Being A Boss?

We’re back again with a review of Blue Bloods. We’re eight episodes in now, with 9×08 titled “Stirring the Pot.” This is an accurate episode title for sure! So let’s take a look at this hour, before the Reagan family breaks for Thanksgiving.


I was really hoping for a continuation of the Delgado plot this week, but that was not to be. You’ll remember that in my first review of the season I knew Delgado wasn’t dead and I’m pumped to be right. Lou Diamond Phillips is an excellent nemesis, and I love when this show raises the stakes. That plot will be deeply personal for Danny whenever it comes back up. I cannot wait to see more of it.

However, I did manage to get something personal from Danny this week. His story had to do with an old friend of his, which made for a compelling struggle. Watching Danny being a loyal reckless idiot for people he cares about is one of my favorite things. At every turn Danny was told to give testimony against Tommy and he refused. It was admirable, but stupid, and thankfully Tommy came clean, or else Danny would have been in serious trouble.

I am still feeling like Donnie Wahlberg is being underutilized this season. Now that I know how wonderful of an actor he actually is, I want to watch him use all that talent he possesses. This plot was a step up from our usual procedural, but I would like to request more Danny versus Delgado, please.

Also, honorable mention goes to Baez for nearly taking a guy out for getting her partner shot. She is not here for someone putting her partner in danger, and I love it.


Erin’s plot centers around a sex trafficking case and a problematic law that may keep her from getting a conviction. The law requires the testimony of one of the victims for the case to be tried. Erin’s victims are minors, and all completely terrified. Their most likely candidate to testify is refusing to do so. She does not want to relive her trauma, and no one can blame her. Erin makes a deal with her prosecuting attorney that if he will get their victim to testify, then she will lobby for the new law that will protect the victims instead of scaring them further.

The case ends successfully, and so does Erin’s lobbying but only through a questionable deal with a governor I have never liked. The deal Erin struck is important. I just hope the ends actually will justify the means, for Erin’s sake.

Kudos to Bridget Moynahan for the way she allows Erin to balance idealism and cynicism. I love that Erin believes the law can do great things, and yet also sees the flaws in the system. She will fight those flaws to ensure that justice is done. She is determined and fierce. She makes me wish I were more like her.


Meanwhile, Frank and Erin are arguing over the District Attorney’s new marijuana policy. Frank sees it as undermining and demoralizing his officers, and Erin sees it as relieving unnecessary strain on the prison system. Once again, Frank and Erin are butting heads. I anticipated this with Erin’s promotion, and the show has definitely delivered. Frank orchestrates a protest by having his officer not show up in court to help with active trials, which angers Erin. Eventually the two reach a compromise, as they always do.

For once, I think Frank may have overreacted here. While I understand his point, interfering with active cases to prosecute criminals to communicate a message to the district attorney feels wrong, especially for Frank Reagan. But, as always, Tom Selleck pulls it off brilliantly and while you may not agree, his performance forces you to understand.


For the first time in ages, I’m leaving Eddie out of this header. She took on more of a supportive role this episode, that greatly reminded me of the role Linda once played for Danny. The show had a rough start with showing us these two as a couple, but the last few episodes have proved to me that these writers and producers know exactly what they’re doing. The transition from friends to lovers must be just as awkward as Jamie and Eddie in early season nine episodes. Even though Eddie acted more as Jamie’s support system this episode, Vanessa Ray still performed every scene beautifully.

Will Estes had a remarkable episode as well. I love watching Estes show us just how good and honorable Jamie Reagan is, and I am absolutely here for the hints that Jamie is meant for truly great things. Eddie and Henry both see that Jamie has it in him to be an exceptional leader, and that is absolutely true. He has the same type of stalwart goodness as his father, and we see every episode just how well that integrity and honor serves Frank.

Being a boss is hard, and it comes with tough choices. This episode Jamie made his first hard call, and it resulted in one of his officers being hurt. For someone as protective as Jamie, I was not surprised to see this affect him in an intense way. It causes him to question his decision to become a leader in his field. His family helps him through it, but this will continue to be a struggle for Jamie. This is how you know he is meant to lead. He understands the precious value of any life, and the weight of his decisions. I am so excited to see what these writers have in mind for Jamie’s career. I imagine there are extraordinary things ahead for him.

Family Fun

Since this review precedes Thanksgiving it seems appropriate to take a moment to talk about Family Dinner. I adored the family dinner scene this week. In fact, I have enjoyed them all season long. The dynamic has been warm and teasing, with the exception of a few arguments, which we have come to expect nine seasons in. Watching Eddie finding her footing with the family has been my favorite thing. Every time they tease her or she teases them, I fall more in love with the Reagans. I love Eddie making a clear effort to include herself in their lives. The wedding talk over dinner was the perfect example of that. She wants to be respectful of the things that are important to Jamie’s family. It is beautiful to watch. I hope Family Dinner continues like this for the rest of the season.

That’s all for this episode, folks! Happy Thanksgiving! May you enjoy it like the Reagans would, surrounded by those you love in a home full of warmth!

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