The Resident 2×07 “Trial and Error”: Devon’s Undoing

I have to admit that I worried about this season of The Resident. Last year, I quickly became addicted to the show, but there were some less exciting episodes in the first season that made me begin questioning whether or not the series was going to end up with a second season. Unfortunately, in the times of cancelling shows like it’s nothing, it’s really difficult to become emotionally attached. The Resident proved me wrong this season. Seven episodes in, and it’s only getting better.

Trial and All Errors

There was a lot of emotional movement in The Resident 2×07. When I first started reviewing this episode, I typed “emotional progress,” but that is definitely not an accurate depiction of “Trial and Error. Where several relationships took many steps forward, there were others that plummeted to the depths of television emotional hell.

Nic (Emily VanCamp) and Jessie’s relationship takes a giant leap forward after Jessie (Julianna Guill) barely survives a clinical trial that she volunteered to be a part of. Jessie signs up for the trial with John, a friend from rehab, so that they both can earn some quick money. John shares that he was trying to earn money to support his wife and daughter, who had always supported him through his addiction. After he reveals that this last attempt of rehab was by his own choice, it’s hard not to root for John. He’s so proud of himself, and I liked him immediately. Later, Jessie admits to Nic that she was trying to earn money to place a down payment on an apartment in Savannah. In an attempt to move on from her life of addiction, Jessie wanted to move out, get her own apartment, and start fresh — without Nic’s help. In typical The Resident fashion, the show reveals the dangerous nature of clinical trials and how far pharma will go to get these trial drugs out there quickly.

Dr. Bell (Bruce Greenwood) ends up having to intervene in the medical brawl between hospital staff and the head of the clinical trial. Conrad and Nic attempt to have the trial shut down at the first sign of strange side effects, but the head of the clinical trial convinces Bell that they are normal. John and Jessie are the first patients to experience life-threatening side effects for a trial drug dealing with cancer. Bell immediately sides with Conrad and Nic to shut the trial down and to immediately place the remaining trial patients in the ICU for observation.

When John ends up with organ failure and Jessie experiences difficulty breathing, Conrad and Bell decide there are two different diagnoses for the drug side effects. Sepsis would cause the patients to need one route of treatment, but Conrad believes that the patients have a rare diagnosis, requiring them to immediately begin strong steroid treatments. Conrad tells Nic and Bell that his gut is telling him that the patients need the steroids to survive this clinical trial disaster. Bell supports Conrad’s decision and orders the steroid treatments.

There were many great elements to this storyline. Nic and Bell put their faith in Conrad; this was definitely an interesting shift in Bell after he’s been trying to get rid of Conrad since the earliest episodes of The Resident season 1. Meanwhile, Nic literally put the life of her sister in Conrad’s hands. If that isn’t complete and utter trust in your dude, then I don’t know what is.

Jessie ends up surviving; however, John does not make it. Jessie and Nic have this very open, candid conversation about their fears and their sense of needing to feel responsible for one another. Nic acknowledges she needs to let go of Jessie a little bit, as Jessie is definitely trying to get her life back together.

The Iron-Y

Mina (Shaunette Renee Wilson) recruits Conrad and AJ (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) to assist her with a patient named Ernie, a restaurant owner that Dr. Austin is familiar with because he cooks the best gumbo and BBQ. When the team meets Ernie’s wife, she is worn out and withdrawn. She explains that Ernie is blind and is starting to lose his mind. Exhausted and clearly defeated, she shares that she wakes up, changes and bathes her husband and then has to tend to their three children. Between the darting eyes between Mina, Conrad, and AJ, viewers can tell that something is up with her story and his symptoms. Out of earshot, Conrad tells Mina and AJ that he believes Ernie is being poisoned.

After all the tests are complete, the elite doctors of Chastain have determined that Ernie’s hip replacement is the cause of the high levels of cobalt poisoning his body. Dr. Voss (Jane Leeves) concludes from a scan that the hip is metal on metal; and therefore, metal is leaking into Ernie’s body. While the group meets to discuss Ernie’s condition, Julian (Jenna Dewan) joins them and justifies the fast-track pace of getting new medical devices out into the field quickly. Mina questions how it is even possible to get these lawsuit-bound devices out there so quickly without strict FDA regulations preventing incidents like Ernie’s from happening. Conrad explains that tech companies get devices out there so quickly by using a shortcut allowed and promoted by the FDA: if a device is similar to an already FDA-approved device, the new device gets automatic approval. He also quips that it is easy to get medical devices cleared for use when medical device executives are on the boards of the FDA.

I really thought that the medical device plot was going to burn out quickly once I realized that this would be the plot that just keeps giving this season, but I will say that The Resident just keeps on delivering. Because after a pep-talk cheer session from Miss Medical Device Representative herself, viewers realize that Julian is a hip replacement patient.

Could Julian be a victim of a malfunctioning medical device? I think this would have been a great way to take this whole storyline; but alas, she is in the clear. She does learn that there are millions of patients with metal-on-metal hip replacements out there, causing her to question her field of work and how much she actually knows.

Be My Partner

We finally saw Priya for the first time in many episodes, and viewers are finally clued in to what’s going on with her relationship with Devon. Devon shares his new watch with Priya and asks her to be his beta tester for his new design. Half-excited, she agrees to wear the watch and test it for Devon but immediately shares her news that she’s been offered a position as an investigative journalist in San Fransisco. When Devon begins asking about logistics, Priya lightheartedly states that she isn’t sure that she would take the position anyway and ends with a strange reassurance that many couples live apart. To top off this conversation, Priya leaves immediately after bringing up this life-altering news and leaves Devon’s watch behind.

Fast forward to later in the episode, when Julian practically tells Devon that she would love to be his beta tester. Devon eats this up and checks on her stats throughout most of the episode. I’m not sure if heart rate stalking is a thing or not, but Devon certainly turned it into one this episode. He even advises her to drink more water because she appears to be dehydrated.

Come on, Devon. Also, kind of creepy.

During the surgery to replace Ernie’s hip with a brand spanking new QuoVadis hip replacement, Julian — naturally — is in the surgery to aid with her company’s tech. After Mina and Dr. Voss discover that there is a lot of damage to Ernie’s hip, Julian finds herself feeling queasy during an intense and bloody surgery. As she runs out of the surgery ill, Julian ends up on the floor of the scrub-in area. This alerts Devon that Julian is having a heart attack because his watch is detecting her elevated heart rate. He runs to her aid and locates her on the floor, where he is greeted with a hug

And then…they kiss. Yup. I just wrote that. Dr. Devon Pravesh has failed all of our moral compasses because we were all suckered into thinking that he’d never actually go there. As disappointed in Devon as I am, at least we were clued in to what is going on with his relationship with Priya. I’m not condoning his choices, but at least these new revelations make him a little bit more human. Priya is focused on her career while planning a super stressful wedding, and Devon has found comfort in the medical device rep that cares about what he’s doing. We’ll see if Conrad and Mina talk some sense into him after they clearly saw the sparks after tonight’s episode.

Speaking of sparks, I am jumping with joy at the crazy sparks flying between Dr. Austin and Mina. I think Mina realized with Micah that she is comfortable opening up to someone when she is ready, but I think the chemistry between Mina and AJ is undeniable. Dr. Austin blatantly asks Mina to come back to him and she concedes but by also getting her way. She says she would like to have the option of still doing surgeries with Dr. Voss. When she says that she will be mentored by Dr. Austin, he quickly tells her that she is his equal, and they are partners.

Big steps for AJ, the king of confidence (cockiness).

Random Thoughts

  • Mina’s winning one-liner of the episode is when she introduces Ernie’s wife to the “brilliant Conrad Hawkins” and nonchalantly throws in, “oh, and this is Dr. Austin.” I love her wit so, so much.
  • Devon’s tech seems like a ripoff of an Apple Watch, an elderly life alert button, and every medical app out there. Just saying.
  • I want to work out with Mina and Nic because I feel like I would become faster and much sassier. They are the queens of shade.
  • When Bell gave John’s wife the news of his death, and his little girl ran over to ask her mother if her daddy was okay, was heartbreaking. Is Bell peeling off all those layers of asshole and finally revealing a little humanity?
  • The CoNic moment of the episode was when Conrad tried to help calm Nic during her spiral about her sister. Every time they put their foreheads together to just be present together makes me teary and happy. I love them.
  • Dr. Kit Voss: “I like you even if you are a bit of a bastard.” So Bell and Voss together drinking at a bar? Well, this one will be interesting.
  • If it was not for how adorably happy Matt Czuchry appeared to be, I would have cast the shade of a thousand tomorrows on the ending dance number because it was just an excuse to get Jenna Dewan dancing on The Resident. But I’ll accept all of the Step Up exploitation for Czuchry’s giant smile.

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