The 100: 5×10 “The Warriors Will” Review

Every time I think there’s no possible way for this show to top itself in how it can blow my mind, it proves me wrong. Frankly, I’m happy to be proved wrong in this instance, as “The Warriors Will” was amazing in every aspect of the word. What The 100 excels at is taking what seems impossible, and letting these characters push the envelope on how their experiences in these situations changes them every second they are on screen.

Let’s dive into this mind twist of an hour, shall we?

Wonkru vs their choice of who they are

Choices are what we take for granted in our world, but in Wonkru, they — or rather, Octavia — have it whittled down to two: follow or die. The survival instinct has taken over so much of who she used to be in the last six years, that I was afraid Octavia was gone, and that Bellamy, Indra, and Gaia were certain to die in the pit.

Despite the certainty of death around them, everyone tonight fought a battle that was bigger than swords and staffs clashing against each other. It wasn’t a fight to live, it was a choice on how to live. Octavia’s inner battle against Blodreina, about the choice in front of her, was fiercer than anything I’ve ever seen her confront. Despite everything they did, she still tried to find a way to save Indra, and then Bellamy from dying in the arena. Blodreina would have thrown them in the arena without a second thought. It was Octavia that chose to try and save the people she loves. The fact that she thinks who she used to be is dead illuminates the violent tragedy behind the Blodreina mask. It was the first time in a long time I found myself wishing for Octavia to come back. To let the girl, who happily played that game with her brother, live out in the open air where war wasn’t the only option left.

Blodreina, unfortunately, won this battle. She is literally insane enough to burn down an entire hydrofarm to march to war. The phrase “shaking in my boots” comes to mind on how terrifying this is. However, and you can disagree, I don’t think she’s won the war against Octavia yet. The fact that Bellamy, Indra, and Gaia all walked out of the arena alive is evidence enough for me. Speaking of those three, how freaking amazing were they facing down fighting people they called ally, friend, and family? Indra is a warrior who’s known nothing but how to find the best way to fight — but when push comes to shove, her daughter is who came first. Even if it meant killing Bellamy and dying herself, giving Gaia the chance to live was what mattered most in the arena.

Bellamy had every opportunity to take what his sister offered to survive, but true to who he is today he chose to reject Blodreina’s way of survival. The fact that he managed to live, anyway, is a testament to his fighting ability. Holding his own against a seasoned warrior like Indra was impressive, but his will to never give up was even more striking. Gaia fought and was willing to die for what — or rather who she believed in — Madi. As shocking as it was to see Octavia throw that spear back into the pit, it was immediately topped by Monty changing the game.

Monty and Harper effectively have taken themselves out of the war. His blunt nature ruffled some feathers, when he called Octavia a dictator to her face. In spite of everything she’d done, I doubt anyone had the balls to call her out for what she is until now. The fact that he said this off the cuff, stayed with her far more than his logical and smart option to use the hydro-farm to survive in Polis, instead of fighting over the valley.

As unlikely as it was, the fact that I found myself hoping Monty could get through to Octavia about the option to live is a testament to how well written these characters are. You root for them in the most unbelievable circumstances, and pray whatever happens they find a way to stand up and keep going.

It’s terribly ironic to write, but that’s exactly what ended up happening. Blodreina conceded the battle to win the war, and burned down their choice to force that march to survival. Out of everything the Red Queen has done, this was the decision that made me hate the war that’s coming for Wonkru. They all deserved a choice, and to have that taken away was disheartening to everyone who hoped for a moment of peace after Monty held up that pot of flowers.

I can’t predict the bloodshed that’s coming, but whatever happens next, I can guarantee it’s not going to be a battle for a valley. It’s going to be a battle of choices. Let’s hope it’s the choice to live, and not just survive.

caring is a way to live vs surviving is a way to breathe

Look, I’m not going to lie — as much as I understood Clarke’s choice to pack up Madi in the rover and run, I still think it was the wrong choice. Madi’s refusal through any circumstance or bad nightmare to give up the flame, demonstrated the fighting spirit Clarke cultivated in her. She is her own person, whether Clarke likes it or not and she won’t give up on the people she cares about.

The instinct to protect Madi is all consuming for Clarke as she’s been her only family for the last six years. But that’s not the case anymore, and Madi making it clear that the consequences of Clarke’s choice brought a lot to the surface — especially because it didn’t truly hit her until that moment that Bellamy could die as a result of what she had done. We all know that didn’t happen, but it felt right that Clarke understood that her choice had serious repercussions, and the worst of them she isn’t even aware of yet.

Wonkru is marching towards a valley that’s now a powder keg about to explode thanks to McCreary. He’s just as terrifying as Blodreina, taking away Abby’s pills to force her to save him in order to save herself. I need to take a second to say Henry Ian Cusick did an amazing job directing this episode. The scene where Abby is barely focusing on what’s going on in her withdrawal state, when Vinson is ripping people apart, made my heart beat a million miles an hour. As grateful as I was for Vinson not turning his ferocity on her, I’m more relieved Clarke’s been reunited with her mom. There’s not been enough death for this show, which is equally nerve-wracking to the plot twists governing every single episode this season.

All of their plans for peace to avoid a war have fallen apart on all fronts: Wonkru is do or die, Diyoza and McCreary have splintered across the valley, while Clarke, Madi and Spacekru are off trying to survive with no one aware of how imminent this war truly is. Man, I can’t wait to see how messy this gets in the last three episodes!

Final thoughts

  • Monty is brilliantly strategic, and I freaking love it. He walked into the fighting arena with a pot of flowers and, with one speech, managed to save Bellamy, Indra, and Gaia from dying in a bloody fight at each other’s hands. Harper, sweetie, you landed yourself a keeper, so both of you just better survive the entire freaking show, do you hear me?
  • Adina Porter deserved that Emmy nomination ten times over from her performance in this episode alone. Congrats, darling, and I’m rooting for you to snag it!
  • I’m going to be blunt here — this episode had one round of characters at the forefront, and I loved every second of it. That being said, there was very little Bellarke, but given the expression on Clarke’s face when Madi casually slipped in Bellamy dying, I still have 100% amount of faith in these two. So hang in there, guys.
  • Good riddance, worms! I hope you all die a horrible death in the desert where you belong.
  • Thank God we find out what happened in the Dark Year next week, because I need information on what went down to make Octavia so hell bent on getting Paradise Valley.

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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