The 100: 5×09 “Sic Semper Tyrannis” Review

Pardon my language, The 100 fans, but HOLY SH*T! “Sic Semper Tyrannis” was not fooling around, I spent the entire hour on the edge of my bed, glued to the screaming at the screen — literally. This show is a powerhouse this season, packing in plot twists and driven by characters’ relationships that change every second.

However, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. Why don’t we dive in and take a closer look?

the valley that lost it’s eden

I need to start with the Valley because, despite the literal riot and all out fighting, it wasn’t quite as insane as what went down at Polis. The lack of communication with Bellamy and Clarke at Polis means that Spacekru’s clever plan to help themselves screwed over the grand plan to get Wonkru to surrender peacefully and share the valley. I can’t blame them for doing what they did, because in their minds, an enemy at war with itself is a damn smart plan to get the heck out of dodge.

The fact that they took time for Raven and Shaw to bond in the middle of it was even better. I had a feeling the second he called her a genius that there would be a spark between them. Shaw has such a deep, caring heart, and Raven’s the kind of person that’s hard not to care about. Flat out admitting he can’t explain why it matters that Raven would be in danger if he ran with them, was the closest we’ll get to a swooning romantic line on this show. Raven, my brave hearted genius, made it clear she wasn’t leaving him behind, and fought for it even when everyone else was against it.

Thank God for the little things because — thanks to our resident trouble makers — a civil war riot broke out in the valley once word got out that Abby’s cure was only for “certain people.” Frankly, I can’t blame Diyoza for making that choice, but now she is on the run and Abby’s left behind with McCreary and Vinson – who somehow scares me more than the entirety of McCreary’s followers. Spacekru is free and clear with Shaw, and now things are about to get even crazier!

the heart breaks from the head

Well, if angst was what you wanted, Bellarke fans, angst is what you shall get. Before I get into it all of that, however, I need to unpack how quickly things went from Point A to “what the hell is going on” in Polis. Bellamy’s plan to get Wonkru to surrender was a good idea, but, historically, good ideas have never panned out on this show. Indra, bless her, tried everything she could to help — including getting Octavia to see the sense in surrendering.

Whatever happened during that Dark Year affected them all to the core and, despite common sense screaming otherwise, Octavia clung to her power as Blodreina as if she’d lost everything. Watching Bellamy and Indra — the two people who matter the most to her — turn on her, brought Octavia’s tears to the surface as she sat back down in her throne.

As much as I wish it didn’t boil down to that option, Bellamy’s second best idea to have Madi take the flame to get Wonkru to follow her, was the best choice to keep everyone safe. Clarke, in her fine mama bear form, did not see that and firmly did everything she could to get Madi out of Polis safely.

You can disagree, yell at me till you’re blue in the face, but Bellamy Blake made the choices he did to save everyone, and I do not think for one second it was “out of character” or ruined him. He and Clarke have switched their head and heart roles from past seasons and, when they broke apart, everything went to hell. Did Clarke have a right to be angry? Yes, of course she did — Madi is her family. But letting her heart completely overtake everything else led to consequences I don’t think she’s going to be able to live with for very long. Specifically leaving Indra, Gaia, and Bellamy to die in Polis, and how Spacekru will react when they find out what happened.

Bellarke fans, I know you’re upset right now, thinking all hope is lost, and there’s no way Bellamy and Clarke could come back from this. Which is exactly why I know they will. It was incredibly painful to see Bellamy risk Clarke never forgiving him, and then Clarke putting her wall up and leaving Polis with only Madi. But that, my dears, is the point — it’s always darkest before the dawn, and I know dawn is coming for Bellamy and Clarke.

The person I want to throw my support, love and faith in right now, though, is Madi. That girl is a rock star, figuring out what was at stake in the first place and how dangerous it had become for Wonkru, and why she had to accept the flame. I had no idea how she would react, but the second she woke up, she exuded the complete aura of a Commander, and any doubts I had at her ability to handle such a responsibility went out the window. She may be young, but my God, is she amazing. I just wish Clarke saw it too.

As it stands, the Valley has turned into a war zone with McCreary on the loose with an army, a cure, and a lot of vengeance; Clarke, Madi and Spacekru are in the wind, but that freedom didn’t come without a price; and Wonkru’s commitment to war far outweighs any desire to find a way to peace.

Kudos to The 100 writers, you’ve officially changed the game, and the match is set for one hell of a run for the next month.

How about you, The 100 fans? Is anyone worried people are going to start dying? Will peace ever be found, and if it is, will Octavia finally take off that damn warpaint?

The 100 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW.


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