RegalBeliever Is The Best Relationship To Come Out Of Once Upon A Time

Regina and Henry’s relationship has blossomed over the years to one of the strongest mother/son bonds on television, showcasing the love between an adoptive parent and child.

This episode was easily one of the best of the season; it gave nostalgic feelings of better days and highlighted the strongest bonds on this show. The show has always done better when they stuck to their roots and given their leads time to shine and build their relationships.

The bond between Regina and Henry started off bumpy; Henry had figured things out and wasn’t very ecstatic about being the son of the Evil Queen, Regina was trying to get him to forget all of that, and it was a messy situation. They eventually got through that, Regina went through her redemption, became a hero, and their love never died. So much so that they have now shared two true loves kisses to break curses.

They’ve gone through the hurdles of a mother/son bond. We’ve all been there. There are moments when you hate your parents, you rebel, you want to get as far away from them as possible. But — if there was a good relationship to start with — you find your way back. Your love never dies. You would do anything for them and they would do anything for you. Regina and Henry have shown this bond. What makes it even more special is the fact that it’s between an adoptive mother and her child. Showing that adoption produces the same love that a biological child would.

The natural chemistry between Jared S. Gilmore and Lana Parrilla is so striking and their scenes are always powerful. They’ve been at this for seven years, obviously they would get to this point. With Andrew J. West — adult Henry — the bond is present as well. That moment before the true love’s kiss — when he has his memories back and he’s pleading to get his mother back — that was beautifully done. Very reminiscent of last season when Henry gave Emma true loves kiss to bring her back.

The little “momma” that was thrown into his monologue pulls at your heartstrings mainly because he hasn’t ever called her that while the show was running. That’s clearly something from his childhood, when he was a toddler maybe. I wish we had seen what their relationship was like before Henry found the book. Toddlers and little kids are inseparable from their mothers, and getting to see that would have been really special. She’s loved him his whole life — she kept a height chart that she insisted on continuing until he left high school. Their relationship is special. It’s grown and blossomed over time and it is literally the best thing to come out of this show.

Side note: Emma gave Henry TLK. Regina gave Henry TLK. Henry gave Emma TLK. Henry gave Regina TLK. There is a pattern… I’m just saying, there’s something missing. Also, until this point the only romantic TLK was Snow and Charming. You could have another one, but I won’t go into that right now. 

Having Mayor Mills back was such a blessing. I missed her so much. Roni is a breath of fresh air but there is just something magical about Mayor Regina Mills.

As for the timeline issue: this timeline has been royally fucked up for lord knows how long and in the last episode they explained at least the current situation. Apparently the curse sent them back in time. This was some LOST level explanation, but okay, fine, I’ll go with it. This means there are three Reginas out there. Roni, the one in Storybrooke, and the Evil Queen. Honestly, I’d watch an hour of the three of them and nothing else.

There are two episodes left of the series. Familiar faces will be popping in starting next week, as the final chapter of Once Upon a Time comes to a close. 

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