The Final Scandal

The Final Scandal: Olivia Pope Hangs Up The White Hat As The Gladiators Say Goodbye

After seven seasons, Olivia Pope and co. sang their swan song and took a bow as the final episode of Scandal aired. The end of an era. Scandal dominated the charts and easily became one of ABC’s most prized possessions and Shonda Rhimes’ greatest installment. But all good things must come to an end. Did the series finale live up to the Scandal legacy?

At the 2017 Upfronts, Shonda Rhimes promised that she wasn’t holding anything back and was going to end this show on a bang — did she succeed? For the most part. This final season was jam packed with anything and everything she could throw in that was a dig at the current political climate — she ended Scandal with the first female president signing the gun control bill after more or less stating how corrupt and not in control the U.S. government actually is.

Did the finale live up to the hype? Well, it fell a bit short. It was good; it was a solid episode and wrapped up all the lose ends it needed to, but it wasn’t out of this world. The ending sequence was a little cheesy. It was satisfying to see everyone — almost everyone — happy.

The last shot was of Olivia’s portrait in the Gallery, but why was it there? No one knows. Shonda wanted to leave an air of mystery, naturally. Could this be a future shot? Maybe she becomes president herself? Is she a first lady? We don’t know. What we do know is that there is a portrait of a powerful black woman in the Presidential Gallery who is inspiring little girls — fun fact, the two girls were Shonda Rhimes’ daughters — that look like her. Representation matters.

The finale had its moments for sure. Rowan deciding to do the right thing and have his daughter’s back was brilliantly played out. Over the years Papa Pope has flip flopped between being Olivia’s ally and her worst nightmare. You never knew what he might do, but this move showed that he always wanted to protect her. In his own twisted way he loves his little girl and seeing the two of them having dinner together at the end, knowing their relationship is on good terms is satisfying.

Almost as satisfying as hearing Fitz say, “Take off your clothes,” in that deep husky voice. Oh lord, the shipper in me was swooning! Olivia and Fitz have been through so much. Shonda put them through the ringer — more times than she needed to — but my, oh my, does it feel good that they are end-game. They are. That ending on the streets of DC more or less implied it. This alone made the finale worth it. This and Mellie signing gun-control into law — at the request of the man who took a gun into Seattle Grace and shot the hospital up. I love how Shondaland keeps it in the family.

Quinn and Charlie get married in a ceremony that is so unbelievably them. He tells her she isn’t Robin, that she’s Batman. Cue the waterworks. They get their happy ending. Mellie and Marcus seem to have made it work while she’s president, and she doesn’t have to sacrifice her love life for the oval. But… Abby doesn’t get hers. Why did David have to die?

Okay, I get that they needed this to get Rowan into action, but why?! He’s the good guy who gave one hell of a monologue while staring down the barrel of a gun. Abby deserved her man and she had to bury him. Rude. Of course, Shonda wasn’t going to end the series without yet another character death.

All in all, it was a solid finale. It did the show justice. It wrapped nearly everything up in a pretty bow and the gladiators finished their final battle. The DC shots were wonderful. Olitz is endgame. The first female president is not going to be impeached and will go down a legend. Cyrus is a twat and his conscience will do a bigger number on him than anything OPA could have.

The only question that remains is why was Hollis Doyle invited to that hearing? I know he did shady shit back in the day but did they really think he was going to offer any quality information? Home boy showed up pleading the 5th, the 1st, the 2nd, all of it — I’m sure he doesn’t even know what those are. He’s a trip, that’s for sure, and that was some comedy gold, but what?!

Thank you, Shonda and co. for creating this whirlwind of a show that stole our hearts. Scandal has been a staple for the last six years and it’s hard to picture it not being around. This show opened the door for so many different minorities. Thanks for the memories.

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Anam is a self proclaimed TV nerd who loves all things TV. Anything with a fantastical or SciFi twist, a drama, or a show produced by Shonda Rhimes usually catches her eye. She’s a DC native so naturally she’s an activist when she’s not sitting in front of the television.

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