Timeless: 2×06 “The King of the Delta Blues” Review

I know, Lyatt fans. I panicked too, you’re not alone. When the episode ended, my first reaction was a big fat “NO. THEY DID NOT DO THAT. THEY DIDN’T. NO.” Fangirlish’s Lizzie (@lizziethat) and I spent the next couple of hours after we watched the screener talking in circles about why they would do that; why would they suddenly set up Lucy and Flynn when this entire season has been about Lyatt?

But you know what, after watching the episode again with a clear head, I came to a different conclusion. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Wyatt is an idiot, but once you rewatch that first scene with him and Rufus, you get the feeling that it was just really bad joke from our favorite pilot. But we’ll talk more about that in a second. For now, let’s break this baby down and analyze what we just watched, shall we?

Connor Mason is so funny. I know the guy is going through a lot and I’ll be the first to admit that he’s not really a favorite of mine. But “The King of the Delta Blues” showed us a whole different side of Mason than what we were used to and that was mostly because Patterson Joseph has excellent comedic timing. That entire first sequence that he’s drunk and he doesn’t want to test drive the newly expanded Lifeboat and everyone is confronting him is quite possibly one of the funniest moments I have ever seen on this show.

And I know that it was Mason’s episode, but what really stood out to me in this was his relationship with Rufus. Their history goes way back and it was so, so great to get a glimpse into what their connection is like. In a way, I think Mason is sort of a father/big brother like figure to Rufus and to see them finally bond again, especially in that last scene when Rufus is trying to convince him that he can be the one to produce Robert Johnson. That moment was so beautiful and so poignant and Patterson Joseph and Malcolm Barrett rocked the hell out of that scene.

While I absolutely loved to meet Robert Johnson and visit the 1930s, Timeless is ultimately a character-driven show and “The King of the Delta Blues” was a fantastic character study for pretty much all of our heroes.

TIMELESS — “King of the Delta Blues” Episode 206 — Pictured: Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan — (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC)

Wyatt is an extremely conflicted idiot. Look, I love my baby Wyatt and I absolutely understand what he’s going through, but he is also being an idiot. Like I said earlier, my first reaction to this episode was a big and resounding NO. And that started with that incredibly tasteless joke in the beginning of the episode. I am going with the joke theory because I simply refuse to believe that it could be anything but that. I’ll admit that I am completely pissed off on Lucy’s behalf, but that’s not why I really, really disliked that scene.

I mean, think about it. We met Master Sargeant Wyatt Logan 22 episodes ago and over the course of this one season and a half, I’d like to believe that we’ve come to know him a little bit, and we now know what makes him tick and how he acts. Based on that fact, I think it’s safe to presume that Wyatt wouldn’t be that careless, especially knowing his team was very close by and that a woman that he cares very, very much about would be extremely hurt by it. So no, I refuse to believe Wyatt would do that. If this episode proved anything, it’s that he is very aware of Lucy at all times and that he seems to finally be realizing the monumental mistake that he’s made.

When he faces off against Carol at Rittenhouse’s HQ, he can’t carry out his mission and even Lucy’s mom knows he can’t. I’m pretty sure Carol Preston knew exactly what was going on between her daughter and Wyatt and that she is responsible for bringing Jessica back from the dead to mess with both of them. In her mind, it would be a fool proof plan: bring Jessica back, which would take Wyatt out of the equation, so Lucy would be broken enough to finally accept her Rittenhouse legacy. And for now, that plan seems to be working, but I don’t think she counted on Wyatt loving her daughter so much — enough to spare her life (because he knows it would only destroy Lucy) and maybe realize that our historian is worth fighting for.

Even Agent Christopher can see and feel the huge elephant in the room and knows that there are definitely some unresolved issues between Wyatt and Lucy. When she confronted him, telling him that “whatever is going on between you and Lucy, you need to figure it out and deal with it”, I was totally cheering her on. You tell him, Denise. Maybe now he will finally see sense.

And then, when he tries to talk to Lucy after the mission and she’s basically giving him the cold shoulder, he finally sees what he’s done. Matt Logan is an extremely expressive actor and he manages to convey exactly what Wyatt is feeling then, the exact moment that he realizes that he’s starting to lose her. I can only hope that that will make him take a hard look at his relationship with Jessica and his feelings for Lucy and finally figure out what he’s supposed to do to win Lucy back.

Lucy Preston is a rare unicorn and we should protect her at all costs. Lucy, honey, I know life has been hard for you. I understand, I really do. But you’re going to need to start fighting for what you want soon, girl. I know it’s easier to hide behind a mask that everything is fine, but all that pent up emotion will blow up at some point and it’s not going to be pretty. So please, do yourself a favor and fight for your happiness.

TIMELESS — “King of Delta Blues” Episode 206 — Pictured: (l-r) Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preson — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Lucy’s entire storyline in this episode was just a huge angst fest. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some angst and well written drama, but poor Lucy, man. Give the girl a break. She’s trying so hard to keep up appearances, to make everyone think that she’s totally fine with everything that has been going on — her sister being erased from existence, finding out she’s Rittenhouse royalty, having her own mother trying to get her killed, losing the man she loves to his zombie wife — and it’s just so heartbreaking to watch.

I know I say this in every review, but Abigail Spencer is absolutely fantastic and there’s no one else that could ever bring Lucy to life as beautifully as she does. The nuances of her performance, her expression, the look in her eyes show us exactly how broken Lucy really is, even when she’s smiling. Her entire thing with Flynn in “The King of the Delta Blues” shed some light on how Flynn really does care about her and that he’s actually not such a bad guy after all.

What he says about her journal and how he feels he knows her proves that Lucy has already started writing in that godforsaken thing. How else would he know that she’s keeping a bottle of vodka in her room? And that begs the question, is her journal (the one Flynn had) changing to accommodate the timelines shifts or is everything she’s written in it already fixed in time and will most definitely come to pass?

I admit I completely panicked when she sought him out in the end. While I want to believe that this is nothing more than just a friendly drink, I wouldn’t blame Lucy one bit if that turned out to be something more. She is hurting so much — so much that she’s turning to alcohol to numb the pain — that it’s only natural that she would try to find other sources of comfort. And yes, it is a terrible, terrible choice, but I wouldn’t blame her at all if that was what she chose to do.

That said, here’s why that was not a booty call. One, these writers know what they’re doing and I think they have already proven to us that they are not angling for melodrama here. Adding a fourth player to the already tired love triangle trope? Please. I’d like to believe that the Timeless writing team is better than that.

But also, Flynn wants his wife back. This was the entire point of his journey in season 1 and he still wants to find her now. After all, he was the one who told Lucy that they can’t lose hope that they’ll find the people they love. And he has read her journal. He knows exactly what she’s going through. Now that we’ve gotten to know him a bit better, Flynn doesn’t strike me as a bad guy, who would deliberately use Lucy — someone he seems to genuinely care about — like this.

So no, these two remain firmly in each other’s friend zone. That said, I kind of can’t wait to see Wyatt catching Lucy coming out of Flynn’s room. What can I say, I am still and forever will be #TeamLucy.


  • “You’re afraid of flying in your own invention!” / “Well, it is bloody dangerous!”
  • “Find some clothes, steal a car” was probably one of my favorite moments in this episode. I love, love, love how in synch Lucy and Rufus are and I also love that they’re just traveling to the past in their modern day clothes now and just figuring it out as they go.
  • “I’m Taylor Swift, this is Agent Timberlake and we’re the new FBI”. These aliases truly give me life. I laughed so hard at that and Abigail Spencer’s delivery was so spot on.
  • I fraking love sassy Flynn. Goran Visnjic’s comedic timing is amazing.
  • Rufus is going to die?! WHAT. JIYA, SAY IT AIN’T SO. We need to protect Rufus at all costs. No one is allowed to die in this show, d’you hear me? NO ONE.

Timeless returns next Sunday, April 29, at 10/9C on NBC.


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