TIMELESS -- "Hollywoodland" Episode 203 -- Pictured: (l-r) Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston -- (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Timeless: 2×03 “Hollywoodland” Review

That was so worth the wait, wasn’t it? I know I usually do a “Top 5 Moments” post, but there is just so much to discuss that we’re going to have to go the traditional review way this time around. The hype surrounding “Hollywoodland” was gigantic, and I am sure that every Timeless fan had their expectations through the roof for this one. That said, I am pretty sure tonight’s episode more than surpassed everyone’s expectations, despite that horrific twist of a cliffhanger in the end.

We’ll have plenty of time to talk about Jessica and the ramifications of her return from the dead. Trust me, my fellow reviewers and I have gone through so many different scenarios that would justify her return that we have pretty much cracked Timeless season 2 already — because one of them must be right. But that’s for later because right now, we need to discuss this jewel of an episode that was “Hollywoodland.”

Not every show has the priviledge of having that episode that everyone talks about. Now that I think about it, I can only come up with a handful of shows that have those really powerful and memorable episodes that will have people talking about them for years to come, such as LOST‘s “The Constant” or Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s “Once More, With Feeling.”

For Timeless, that honor falls to “Hollywoodland” and not only because Lyatt finally happened. Of course, there’s that, too — and it was even better than we could have ever imagined. But what really sets this episode apart — and puts it in its own league — is how carefully constructed it all was. When you’ve watched multiple times — and don’t lie, you all know you will — you pick up on little things that have you going, “damn, these writers are so good.”

So let’s dive into it, shall we? We have a long road ahead of us here.

Rittenhouse and Flynn’s escape. Of course, this episode wasn’t all Lucy and Wyatt getting together; we actually had a plot and a Rittenhouse agent to stop from changing history and all that. When the Mothership jumped to Los Angeles on January 2, 1941, Lucy couldn’t pinpoint any historical event that might have taken place. So, the Time  Team had to enlist Flynn’s expertise to find out what Rittenhouse could possibly want in LA in the 1940s, but Lucy could only get any information out of him when she promised she would get him out of prison.

Flynn’s “do you have any ability to do this on your own?” was so funny and so true, and Goran Visnjic’s delivery was so on point that it had me laughing out loud. Lucy admits that the team needs Flynn more than he needs them. So, she strikes a deal with him; and he gives her a drawing of what turns out to be the logo of Paramount Studios in 1941.

Once the Time Team reaches their destination, Rufus pretends to be writer Langston Hughes — with an incredible performance by Malcolm Barrett — which gets them a meeting with the president of the studio, Barnaby Balaban. That’s where they find out that Citizen Kane has been stolen, and it turns out that Rittenhouse was making a deal with William Randolph Hearst to steal the movie in exchange for a weekly column on all of Hearst’s newspapers across the country.

So, their mission was to recover the movie in order to stop any Rittenhouse propaganda from being published and shaping the way Americans think.

But let’s get to the good stuff already, am I right?

TIMELESS — “Hollywoodland” Episode 203 — Pictured: (l-r) Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston — (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

“Hollywoodland” reveals so much about Lucy and Wyatt. Following up on last week’s fantastic episode, in which we finally got a glimpse into Wyatt’s past, this episode gave us yet another look into how his mind works. Everything about him makes so much more sense now — especially when he told Lucy that he only took this job because it was dangerous. For Wyatt, this was a suicide mission and he had made his peace with it.

Looking back now, his actions in “The Alamo” make so much more sense. Wyatt was ready to die. Hell, he wanted to die. The guilt he felt about Jessica’s death was consuming him so much that going on a time-traveling mission seemed the best way to finally end it. Maybe we can’t pinpoint the exact moment things started to change; but if I had to take a guess, I’d say he started to feel something in “Stranded,” which strengthened in “The Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde.” But he only started to reluctantly admit to himself that there was something there when Flynn kidnapped Lucy in “The Capture of Benedict Arnold.”

So, between losing Lucy in episode 10 and finally thinking they had taken Rittenhouse down in the Timeless season 1 finale, it seems like a switch flipped in Wyatt. And having to go six weeks without knowing what had happened to her only seemed to solidify that she was it for him. The character development he went through from episode 7 to “Hollywoodland” is nothing short of amazing. To have Wyatt actually open up to Lucy, admitting that she was the reason that he stuck around, that he gave life another chance…that’s HUGE.

If it’s overwhelming for us, can you imagine what was going through Lucy’s mind during Wyatt’s confession? She saved his life. It wasn’t an outright declaration of love, but it might as well have been because that’s the only thing he could have meant. He loves her, and she gives his life purpose and meaning.

And sweet Jesus, I cannot handle these feels.

Lucy, on the other hand, pretty much shouted from the rooftops that she loved Wyatt. That song choice obviously could have just been the one song from the 1940s that she actually knew, but it was so full of meaning that she had to know Wyatt would get it. And yes, she started out a little nervous; but after a while, she gained confidence in her singing and started to have a great time up there.

It seemed all in good fun, but when Lucy reached the final verses of her song, something flipped inside her — and she couldn’t help but look at Wyatt. And if you look closely, the moment their eyes meet and she sings “you know you made me love you,” it’s directly at him. Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter played the hell out of that scene. Spencer’s voice changes as Lucy sounds almost shy to be confessing her love for Wyatt, but her eyes say so much. She knows they’re on the verge of something wonderful — all they need to do is jump — but she puts the ball in his court. Singing was her way of telling him that she was right there with him — she was more than ready and waiting for him.

And Wyatt got the message loud and clear. The way his expression changes from enjoying her show, to surprise, to understanding, to acceptance, to happiness is nothing short of amazing. Kudos to Matt Lanter for playing Wyatt’s reaction beautifully in that scene and effectively setting the tone for Lyatt’s next scene together by the pool.

(Also, I had no idea Abigail Spencer could sing. Damn, girl, you’ve got some pretty powerful pipes there — and you should definitely use that beautiful voice more often).

Having Lucy basically confess her undying love for him seemed to give Wyatt the confidence to step up his game — even though he was terrible at it at first, in a middle school kind of way — and it was adorable and ridiculous. It made me laugh out loud, while simultaneously killing me with all the feels. After Wyatt tells her about how she saved his life, Lucy tells him that she felt the exact same way when she thought he was dead.

If that is not a declaration of love, I don’t know what is. Lucy told Wyatt that thinking he was dead had the same effect on her as losing Jessica had on him. She’s telling him that she loves him so very much that losing him would destroy her. Need I remind you guys that when Wyatt found her in that tent in 1918, she was picking up a grenade so she could blow up the mothership with her mother, Emma and herself in it? Lucy was ready to die and he saved her — just like she had saved him.


When the couple goes inside and Lucy turns to face Wyatt, her thoughts are so clear to him, as if she’s asking out loud if they’re really doing this. Again, I can’t stress enough how incredible Abigail and Matt were in “Hollywoodland,” especially in this particular scene. Their eyes say so much. It’s a scene without any dialogue — just pure emotion. If you look closely, you can see that he pulls her in for a kiss, touching her chin gently. She is still questioning it when she pulls away, but whatever she sees in his eyes is enough for her to kiss him again.

And seriously, guys, this entire episode felt like it was straight out of a fanfic because it was everything we could possibly want — Jessica’s return from the dead notwithstanding. The entire point of fanfiction is to create or bend a story to fit with what viewers wish for the characters we love, but “Hollywoodland” was already so perfect that it felt like it came from a well-written fanfic. I couldn’t possibly give it a higher compliment.

Having an incredibly popular couple finally get together for the first time is such a tall order, but TPTB did it spectacularly. I can’t find anything to complain about because it was even better than what I could have possibly imagined.

The morning after scene was so tender and quiet; and Lyatt just seemed to fall into this easy rhythm together, like they had been doing it for years already. The way Lucy couldn’t stop touching Wyatt, as well as how it wasn’t at all awkward, is a testament to the chemistry between Abigail and Matt and how they just make it all feel so natural and real.

Of course, Rufus just had to walk in on them. That scene had me laughing out loud, especially how cool both Lucy and Wyatt were afterwards, like “whatever, it’s just Rufus.” Then, when Rufus teased Wyatt about it afterwards, it was just the cherry on top of this fantastic sequence.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anyone. Maybe Jiya. Not Connor or Agent Christopher. Definitely Jiya.” Carlin, Rufus

TIMELESS — “Hollywoodland” Episode 203 — Pictured: (l-r) Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

I wonder how often Rufus and Jiya discussed all the unresolved sexual tension between Lucy and Wyatt and if they had any bets going. Rufus is definitely the captain of the Lyatt ship, and he just seems to be so happy for his friends.

But then, all hell breaks loose when the team tries to stop the Rittenhouse agent from giving Citizen Kane to Hearst’s man and shots are fired, but what was interesting about this particular scene was that you can clearly see that the dynamic between Lucy and Wyatt in the field has already changed. The tone of her voice when she tells him to be careful is so tender, and…GAH, YOU GUYS. FEELS.

When all is said and done, they save the movie, and Rufus returns it to Hedy Lamarr to give back to Orson Welles. Speaking of Lamarr, what an incredible woman. The name sounded vaguely familiar to me; but now that I know about her, I want to know more about who she was, and what her career was like. That’s the beauty of Timeless and why this series is so important. The writers introduce us to fantastic people who deserve to have their stories told — and they do it incredibly well.

And as much as I loved the scene in the car while Lucy and Wyatt are waiting for Rufus, I love that one last scene more, back in the bunker in 2018. Because Lucy is so happy and so giddy — and so is Wyatt — at the prospect of this beautiful future ahead of them, and their happiness is infectious. You can’t help but smile the whole way through that scene. That is, of course, until he gets that godforsaken text.

The look on his face had me texting my friends like, “Please tell me that’s not Jessica. PLEASE.”

But, of course, it had to be. We knew this would happen from the very start, when we could feel the first sparks between Lucy and Wyatt. We knew that the moment they finally dove into a relationship, and that Wyatt finally moved on with his life, they would resurrect Jessica to cause chaos.

I have a few theories as to why they brought her back and what her arc is actually going to look like, but I’ll get more into that after episode 4 has aired.

But for now, can we please just focus on the fact that Lyatt is canon and it’s happening? I choose to ignore that Jessica is back to mess with our ship for now and just live in my happy Lyatt bubble until episode 4.


  • Lucy fangirling over historical figures never gets old. Seeing her fangirl over Hedy Lamarr every single time they met was adorable and hilarious.
  • “So this is what we do now? We steal clothes wherever we go, like Winona Ryder pre-Stranger Things?”
  • What the hell is going on with Jiya? She’s having premonitions and seizures. But she’s perfectly healthy and her heart condition is now cured? What the hell?
  • “Hamilton? As a musical? It will never work.”
  • “Thank you, dear, but any girl can be glamourous. All you have to do is sit still and look stupid”.
  • Rufus reciting The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme was probably one of the most hilarious Timeless moments ever.
  • The fact that the exchange was happening on Stage 14 is such a nice little Easter egg because that’s where they shoot Timeless.

So, what did you think, Timeless fans? Was “Hollywoodland” as amazing as you thought it would be?

Timeless returns with a new episode on Sunday, April 8, at 10/9C on NBC.


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