Timeless: Top 5 Moments of 2×02 “The Darlington 500”

Timeless is that kind of show that seems to work regardless of what story they are telling. While last week’s season 2 premiere was very intense and emotional, tonight’s “The Darlington 500” was the exact opposite. It was fun, it was light, it was funny, but it still managed to move the plot forward, while showing us more of one of the main characters’ past.

Because here’s the thing: there’s no such thing as a filler episode on Timeless. Every second matters and each and every episode counts as essential to tell these characters’ story.

“The Darlington 500” introduced us to a whole new side of Wyatt and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to find out more about his backstory. We also found out that Nicholas Keynes is batshit crazy and is starting to sound more and more like Voldemort and Hitler with his insane “let’s make humanity perfect” manifesto.

But what was really interesting to see was that the sleeper agent — unlike Emma — had actually built a family the 1950s. Ryan Millerson got married, seemed to really love his wife and had a baby on the way. He still followed through with the plan, but you could see how completely devastated he was when Emma threatened to kill his pregnant wife if he didn’t go through with Rittenhouse’s plan. Of course, Wyatt ended up killing him, anyway, but that brings the question of how many sleeper agents will actually start questioning their loyalty to Rittenhouse after spending so many years in the past.

When you spend years away from everything you know and you build a family and they are now people you love dearly, would you really turn your back on all of that for the sake of some crazy evil organization that wants to rewrite history?

I guess that’s something we’ll find out as the season plays out. But let’s talk about the good stuff, shall we? Without further ado, here are my top 5 moments of “The Darlington 500”:

TIMELESS — “Darlington” Episode 202 — Pictured: Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

5. It was such a fun episode. I can’t stress enough how much I love this show and I love how intense and fast-paced it can be, but I also love when it just delivers a fun, lighthearted and feel good episode. Don’t get me wrong, we still learned a lot about the season arc and how insane Nicholas Keynes actually is — and how completely ruthless Emma can be — but it was still such a light episode that it made me smile for an entire hour.

It also served as a great example of how well Time Team works together and how delighted they all are to find out new things about each other. Of course, Lucy and Rufus teased Wyatt a lot about his NASCAR nerdiness, but it was all in good fun and camaraderie. They have really become each other’s best friends and it’s just so wonderful to be a witness to this incredible friendship.

4. Carol Preston. You know, I want to try to give Carol another chance, and I think that eventually she will see the error of her ways, but at this point, she is pretty much beyond redemption. “The Darlington 500” showed us that she might be starting to doubt the wisdom of her decision to bring her insane Rittenhouse grandfather to 2018, but I wonder if that is really going to sway her loyalty to the organization she has been a part of her entire life.

I may be going out on a limb here, but even if she realized what a colossal mistake she’s making, it will be too late for her to turn back. If this episode proved anything to us, it was that Emma is completely ruthless and she won’t hesitate to kill anyone that gets in her way. More than once now she has been more than ready to shoot Lucy, despite her Rittenhouse loyalty status. So Carol knows that if she were to give up and back out, she would be as good as dead.

That said, I still think she’s a horrible human being for turning her back on her daughter — self preservation or not. I am not a parent, but I believe that when you are a mother and you love your child above anything else, no matter how old they are, you would move heaven and earth to protect them. And that is not what Carol Preston has done so far.

So she may regret her decisions and see the error of ways, but no matter what, I don’t think there’s any room for redemption here. Lucy deserves better. Hell, Lucy and Amy deserve better.

3. Fanboy Wyatt. This was easily one of my favorite aspects of this episode. Yes, we learned more about Wyatt’s relationship with his father and that he left home as a teen, but seeing our tough soldier geek out over 1950s car racing was probably one of the highlights of this entire show for me. Lucy and Rufus seemed to be equally amused and exasperated by his fanboy attitude and it was ridiculously funny. From the moment he stepped into that place, he looked like a little boy in his favorite toy store. It was hilarious and adorable at the same time and I’m sure Lucy and Rufus thought the same. Well, probably more Lucy than Rufus.

Also, kudos to the production design team for building that NASCAR race set. All those antique cars and the costumes and the photography of those scenes was absolutely fantastic and authentic.

TIMELESS — “Darlington” Episode 202 — Pictured: (l-r) Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan, Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

2. Wyatt’s past. “The Darlington 500” was definitely a Wyatt episode and we learned so much about our favorite soldier. For instance, he is a NASCAR fanboy, he absolutely loves cars, he gets a kick out of racing, he used to be a bootlegger when he was a teen and his dad was a terrible son of a bitch. He left his home when he was 15, although now I’m curious to know if he left for good, or if maybe he just ran off to live with his Grandpa. The way he’s always talked about his Grandpa Sherwin is always so full of love that it makes me wonder what really went down when he was growing up.

I also wonder if his dad is still alive in 2018 and they are just stranged. Also, what happened to his mom? Have we ever heard anything about her? His conversation with Lucy in the trunk shed a bit of light on his past and his troubled relationship with his father, but it really just made me want to know more. Now that we’ve gotten a glimpse into his life, it made me realize how much we don’t know about him other than the fact that he’s lost his wife.

1. Lyatt. We need to talk about that scene in the trunk. Wyatt, honey, hugging Lucy close does not help with her claustrophobia, so you really should have used a better excuse to touch her, buddy. Not that I’m complaining, don’t get me wrong. The Lyatt shipper in me was doing cartwheels during that scene and I almost threw something at my TV when Wendell opened that trunk and interrupted their kiss. Again. These two are so ridiculously in love with each other and it is so wonderful and so frustrating to watch.

Because now they are at that point that they are just dancing around each other and making heart eyes at one another and ugh, I just want them to kiss already and get it over with. But putting my Lyatt feels aside for a moment, the conversation they had in there was so important for so many reasons. One, it shed light on how Wyatt feels about his father and how complicated their relationship was when he was growing up; two, it gave Lucy something to think about in regards to her own mother and how she can face this particularly new challenge and betrayal in her life; and three, this might be hinting at something way bigger. The Timeless writers are fantastic and I am willing to bet that this conversation will come back in a big way down the road.

Other than that, can we just bask in the wonderful feels that trunk scene gave us? I loved everything about it, from his attempt at comforting her, to how comfortable they are clinging to each other — usually you’d see some awkwardness when two characters are on the verge of jumping into something together, but not Lucy and Wyatt — to his words of wisdom for her and their almost kiss. Did you notice that she was the one initiating the kiss? You go, girl!

And as a last comment, did you guys notice Lucy was wearing Wyatt’s jacket when they were saying goodbye to Wendell? Because I sure did and my heart nearly exploded with feels.

Timeless returns next Sunday, March 25, at 10/9C on NBC.

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