THIS IS US -- "The Wedding" Episode 218 -- Pictured: The Wedding -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

This Is Us Season 2 Finale Review: For Better or For Worse

In the This Is Us season 2 finale, the wedding we’ve all been waiting for has arrived, and it was perfect — or as close to perfect as weddings can get. Kate and Toby walked down the aisle with hopes of a bright and sunny future. Will they get it?

Weddings are notorious for being tear jerkers: tears of joy for the couple, possibly some of sadness due to a key family member not being around. Mix that in with This Is Us, and you know there will be moments where you’re reaching for the tissue box.

It’s finally the day of Kate’s dream wedding, and her brothers have decided they will be the wedding planners to make it absolutely perfect for Kate because that’s what their father would have done. Right in the feels.

Kevin’s speech at the reception is all kinds of nostalgia to make sure Jack’s presence is there. Randall’s toast, on the other hand, focuses more on the future and what’s to come — how you can’t always plan for it because you never what the future will throw at you.

This, of course, is interlaced with a montage of what everyone is up to in the future. Kevin seems to be heading off to Vietnam with a picture of his dad while he was in the military and a special someone by his side. Kate and Toby aren’t exactly the image of happily ever after. Toby seems to be on the burner. Will they make it through this rough patch? And Randall is shown years in the future talking to Tess about seeing “her.” Who this her is, isn’t revealed. You never know what the future holds; you just have to take it day by day.

Prior to the wedding, there are stresses happening all over. Toby’s parents don’t think Kate’s the one. Kate is running around town trying to hold on to her dad’s memory, while Randall and Kevin are running around town trying to find her. Rebecca thinks she’s the reason behind it all…it’s a mess. Things are tense. But after a little breather, everyone is back on and the wedding is beautifully executed.

It’s nearly identical to the dreams that Kate has had, with the exception that the couple is her and Toby and not her parents. Yes, the older Jack promo is actually a dream that Kate is having of what would have been if her father was still alive: Their 40th anniversary vow renewal. A beautiful ceremony and reception. Joy in the air. Everything that happened at Kate’s wedding.

Well, not everything.

Deja is having a hard time coming to terms with everything. She’s been more or a less a brat to Randall and Beth. It’s not their fault that her mother decided to dump her and leave, but she’s taking it out on them. Eventually, Beth’s cousin talks some sense into her only to be outdone by a guest claiming that Deja is the spitting image of Randall.

Why this makes her lose it and take a baseball bat to Randall’s very nice car, I don’t know. I haven’t been there, and I don’t know what she’s feeling. But I can take a guess. Maybe Deja feels like he’s trying to replace her actual parent, who is still alive. She’s hurt that her mother left, and she’s taking it out on Randall and Beth because there’s no one else to take it out on. By the end of the episode, it’s not clear what happens with Deja; whether she goes back into the party or not is up in the air.

There are a lot of cliff hangers — because of course they want to keep you hooked. Why is Kevin going to Vietnam? What happened to Toby over the span of a year? Who is Randall talking about with older Tess? There’s a lot of story left to cover. This Is Us Season 3 will be a rollercoaster for sure.

You all couldn’t leave it on a happy note, could you?

The next season of This Is Us will air this fall.

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