Once Upon a Time 7x11

Once Upon a Time 7×11: Sacrifices and Sisters

The final chapter of Once Upon a Time has begun. The long hiatus has come to an end, as the veteran show kicked off the second half of its seventh season in an episode that revealed how Zelena came to the new ‘verse and got her magic back — the character’s reasons, that is. We all know they brought back Bex because she’s amazing…and her fanbase is huge.

This episode was well done overall. Staying in the theme of things, there was a lesson to be learned at the end of it: A mother will always sacrifice herself to save her child, no matter how much she’s shown her love in the past (the mothers at the front line of this being Zelena and Victoria).

Zelena and Robin

Rebecca Mader & Tiera Skovbye in OUAT 7x11 Photo: ABC/Jack Rowand
Rebecca Mader & Tiera Skovbye in OUAT 7×11 Photo: ABC/Jack Rowand

Robin is a full grown teenager trying to find herself and going up against the wall that is mom. Zelena obviously wants what’s best for her daughter but would much rather prefer she stay away from magic. All things considered, she’s trying to make sure her little girl doesn’t fall into the same mistakes she did. This, of course, backfires when Robin uses Cora’s spellbook — a gift from cool Aunt Regina — to summon Mother Gothel.

Long story short, with a little help from Nook (new Hook — Zelena is just as sassy and a precious little cupcake as ever), she is able to save her little girl from the clutches of Mother Gothel and show her that she will support her in whatever chooses. Robin sees her mother wasn’t trying to deliberately hold her back, and the mother/daughter duo are on good terms again. Zelena does realize that she doesn’t actually like magic as much as she wanted to, though. She wanted to learn it because she is the Wicked Witch’s daughter, and it seemed like something she should do. However, her father’s archery seems much more up her alley. She’s a natural.


Gabrielle Anwar in OUAT Photo: ABC/Jack Rowand

Meanwhile, Eliose has managed to trap Victoria and Ivy down in a well for safekeeping. She fishes out Victoria so she can show her other daughter — Anastasia — her mother’s true colors. It’s wicked, and it’s cruel. You almost feel bad for Victoria. But then she goes back down to Ivy, and suddenly you realize why she’s so…ugh.

However, this doesn’t last long. Victoria wants to redeem herself, at light speed though. Unlike Regina who took years to get to a certain point, Victoria has hours. Why? Because the show got axed, and they need to wrap up these story lines. She knows she needs to do something drastic, and that includes taking the Resurrection Stone that Zelena was going to bring to Gothel and taking the credit.

Side note: Roni’s was actually Kelly and Roni’s Pub before Kelly moved out of town. Isn’t that the cutest thing? These two characters were at each other’s throats when they first met, and now they’re inseparable and fighting evil as sisters not wicked/evil. Utterly adorable. Bexana forever.

Kelly and Roni's Pub
Kelly and Roni’s Pub Photo: Craig Clark

The Resurrection Stone — which is also the reason behind Zelena getting her magic back.  Apparently, when Gothel attempted to sacrifice Robin, she sucked her magic into the stone; and Robin gave it to her mother, seeing as she was going to take up archery instead — is in their original sign. Sadly, that needed to be broken.

When Victoria brings the stone to save Lucy’s life, Gothel uses Ivy as the sacrifice. This is after Victoria learned that the famous Tangled-themed lanterns that kept her hopeful were not Anastasia’s idea — they were Drizella’s, and she can’t stand the sight of her daughter in pain and being killed. She pushes her out of the way and sacrifices herself.

They killed off Gabrielle Anwar…really? Rude.

By the end of the episode, Ivy is clearly in a state of shock. Lucy is back. The doctor who was attending to her finds out that Henry is her biological father; but he suddenly dies from poison and someone steals the paperwork. War is coming, and people are going to start dying as the fairytale drama starts to wrap up its final season.

Once Upon a Time airs Friday nights at 8:00PM on ABC.

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