THIS IS US -- "That'll Be The Day" Episode 213 -- Pictured: Milo Ventimiglia as Jack -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

This Is Us – Superbowl Sunday Review

Following an insane game, leading to an Eagles win — Fly Eagles Fly! — the moment we’ve waited for since This Is Us season one was finally here. How did Jack die? They had been dropping hints, the fire alarm, the crockpot, the crazy fire that was to burn down the house…Was the answer satisfying enough, or was it a little too predictable?

It was Superbowl Sunday for the Pearsons, past and present. Jack managed to get his family out of the house, but then we heard a dog bark. Of course, he ran back in to get the dog and collect some momentos in the process. This caused second degree burns and smoke inhalation, requiring a trip to the ER. At this point, instead of going to the ER in the ambulance, Jack and Rebecca dropped the kids off and drove.

As someone who watches a lot of medical shows, the lack of care Jack received in the ER was ridiculous. Why wasn’t he on oxygen?? You all didn’t do any tests on his heart, knowing full well that he had inhaled a shit ton of smoke and had soot. If memory serves from Grey’s Anatomy, April got fired after a patient died for similar reasons because she didn’t do a simple test that would have easily saved their life? Whatever your reason was, that man did not need to die. Those doctors did not know what they were doing.

Was the reason for Jack’s death predictable? Yes. Anyone who has watched This Is Us would know he would have done anything for Kate. Was it sad? Yes! That was very difficult to watch — especially watching Rebecca go into denial and then break down crying. She went to get a candy bar, and the love of her life died. Did anyone catch that “Bec” while she was getting the candy? Almost as if he was calling out to her before he died. Which by the way, you all killed Jack Pearson while he was alone? This was just cruel.

Present day. The remaining members of the Pearson family are dealing with the 20th anniversary of Jack’s death. It’s Superbowl Sunday, and they all deal with this day in their own way. Kate sulks, Kevin deflects, Randall celebrates. Rebecca likes making Jack’s favorite lasagna and eating it while she watches the game. Everyone deals with grief in their own way.

This year, Kevin decides he needs to talk to his dad and goes up to the tree. This moment is, possibly, more emotional than Jack’s actual death during the episode. Kevin calls his mom afterwards, and the two of them end up watching the game together. Kate’s video almost messes up, but she is able to get it fixed. Through all this, she realizes the great love she has found in Toby. They dance while the game plays — the actual game.

They added footage from the Superbowl that aired a couple hours before. Amazing.

The mind-blowing moment of the episode was, hands down, a look into Tess’ future. Throughout the show, we see a little boy that is about to find a new foster family. Randall and Beth are possibly going to get a new kid any day, so you’re thinking this little boy is the one that will be added to their family. But when the time comes, he gets a white family and the social worker’s father shows up, revealing older Randall. This is Tess.

This moment was almost as jaw-dropping as the original moment in the This Is Us pilot when you realized everyone was family. Seeing the impact of the talk that Randall and Tess have translated into how she shapes her life is extraordinary.

Was Jack’s death worth the hype?

This is Us airs on Tuesday nights at 9:00PM on NBC.

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