Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser), Caitriona Balfe (Claire Randall Fraser)- Outlander 313

Outlander: Top Five Moments of 3×13 “Eye of the Storm”

Outlander fans, we have arrived at the third season finale, and I only have one question to ask: How in the world did we get here so quickly? It feels like yesterday I was anticipating the end of a very long Droughtlander, but truthfully, I wouldn’t trade a second of this fantastic season and finale.

This finale was a fitting end, which brought some of my favorite twists and character moments to date. So without further ado, here are my top five moments of “Eye of the Storm.”

  • John Grey rightly freeing James Fraser. I won’t lie: I was pumping my fists when John Grey did that masterful takedown of Captain — I’m sorry, Lieutenant — Leonard while simultaneously saving Jamie’s life. I have waited a few episodes to watch that pompous “man” get what’s coming to him, and there was literally nothing more satisfying to watch. Not to mention John sticking his neck out to save his friend while looking completely impartial. Damn, you are impressive Mr Grey! I hope to see you next season, and one last kudos to David Berry for his on-point portrayal of Mr Grey.
  • Geillis’s last stand for the “cause.” Geillis was a character I never thought would quietly see the end of her days. I didn’t like to be right on this point; but that being said, rest in peace, my lady. Geillis fought for what she believed in to the last, but that cause was red with the bloodshed she had no guilt in perpetrating. For as much as I know she cared about Claire, the only true friend she likely had in the years she spent in the 18th century, it wasn’t enough. Nothing was, and as sad as a part of me was, a greater part was relieved for Claire, Jamie, and especially Brianna. Bravo Lotte Verbeek for portraying this complicated, ten-million-layered character so brilliantly. I will miss you.
  • Jamie, Claire, and Ian’s family hug. The moment the danger passed, the relief and shock hung in the air for these three characters. I loved how Jamie was completely there for both Ian and Claire when they needed it. Ian’s relief was palpable, but my heart broke for Claire when she broke down with the shock of killing Geillis to defend Brianna. They needed a moment of peace, and Jamie knew that was more important than anything else with that hug.
  • Jamie and Claire washed up on the beach. If I didn’t know Claire wasn’t going to die, I would have been scared to death when she was floating in the ocean. Jamie bringing her to the surface was nothing less than bravery of the highest kind. After crawling his way to her on the beach, his fear and subsequent relief when Claire coughed her way to life, frankly, makes me want to sing the acting praises of Sam Heughan for the next ten years. Jamie and Claire are alive and together in America, and I can’t wait to see what adventures these two get up to next season.
  • The entire episode. I’m doing one last cheat for this season, Outlander fans, because there were so many good things that happened in this finale that I can’t possibly list them all. The entire hour had my eyes glued to the screen, and nothing less than my house burning down would have distracted me from how captivating this episode was. There wasn’t a single minute wasted between the last time on Jamaica, keeping Geillis from harming Ian and Brianna, and then ending up ship wrecked. Season three, you went out with a bang, so Outlander bring on season four (and quickly I beg you).

How about you Outlander fans? Did you enjoy the season finale? How long do you think the next Droughtlander will last?

Outlander airs Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.

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