Outlander: Top Five Moments of 3×12 “Bakra”

Well, talk about dramatic events, mesmerizing character moments, and cliffhangers Outlander fans, Bakra had it all! Forgive me if I babble, but frankly, Outlander inspires the fangirl in me to yell at the screen each week, and I have absolutely no shame. But why don’t we get to the top five moments from this fantastic hour of Outlander?

  • The surprise meeting of one Geillis Duncan, aka Mistress Abernathy of Rose Hall: As angry as I was with her during this hour, Geillis certainly knows how to make an entrance. Out of a pool, and covered in “goats’” blood, Good Lord almighty! It surprised me less that she found a way to survive and is still up to her old tricks. How will this play out? I have a feeling it won’t end well for her, but whatever happens, it was really nice to see Lotte Verbeek back on Outlander.
  • Introducing John Grey as Governor of Jamaica: Thank God John Grey is here. I say that knowing he and Claire didn’t exactly get along, which, I can’t blame her for being wary of a man who is clearly — ahem — fond of her husband. That being said, he’s a friendly face among the sharks of Jamaica, and I’m looking forward to watching Mr. Grey get to know Claire better. Even if I have to wait until season four (*cries at the thought of Droughtlander*).
  • The slave auction: If there’s one brave act I admire Claire for, it’s that despite every kind of danger, she still stuck her neck out to try and help everyone in chains at that auction. I know it didn’t end the way she wished, but she and Jamie were able to help Temeraire and keep him safe until they can find a place where he can be truly free. Compassion is one of the best things in the world, and I will argue this until the day I die. Seeing it on screen was more than I could ever begin to describe in words.
  • Jamie getting arrested by Captain Leonard: I officially declare that ridiculous captain to be a spoiled brat/five-year-old for arresting Jamie, even after Claire correctly admonished him when she saved a lot of his men aboard the Artemis. I have no doubt Claire will find a way to free Jamie from the British’s clutches, but I sincerely hope that, before she’s done, she gets to punch the “captain” in the face.
  • The Jamaican soiree: It’s been a while since I’ve seen Jamie and Claire in 18th century formal wear, enjoying themselves for just a little while. And man, was it worth the wait! It reminded me strongly of their time in Paris, and while it didn’t get to last long before danger crept in, the soiree was still a memory worth keeping this season.

How about you, Outlander fans? What were your top moments of Outlander’s “Bakra?”

Outlander airs Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.

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