Arrow: Top 5 Moments Of 6×07 “Thanksgiving”

Arrow has finally found its footing again. After two weeks of a snoozefest storyline about Slade Wilson, the team is finally back together in Star City as all hell breaks loose on Thanksgiving of all days.

Remember Special Agent Watson, the FBI lady who has been hell bent on outing Oliver as the Green Arrow? It looks like she has finally found enough evidence to convict him, because she shows up at a food drive where Oliver is unveiling a new SCPD precinct, with William and Felicity by his side, and promptly arrests him in front of his son, a whole lot of people and reporters.

Meanwhile, Dig tests Curtis’ prototype to try and get the tremors in his hand under control, but things go horribly wrong while he is out on the field, and his nerve damage gets even worse.

So with that not so favorable scenario in mind, let’s talk about the highlights of Arrow Season 6, Episode 7 “Thanksgiving”.

5. Felicity and Curtis fighting. You know, as much as it pains me to say this, I am actually glad this happened. Things were going way too smoothly and there was bound to be a a few bumps along the way. I was surprised when we never touched back on the fact that Felicity had named her company Helix Dynamics, and I am so glad they talked about this.

While I like the name and it does sound good, it is also a permanent reminder of her not so distant brush with darkness. That and the fact that she is starting the company with Curtis, so he should have had some say in its name.

That said, Curtis wasn’t exactly innocent here. He decided to inject their friend with a completely untested  prototype that they have been working on — something that could help them mass produce the spinal implant that helps Felicity walk — without even talking to her about it. She is completely justified in her anger and it was actually really great to see them airing out their dirty laundry and eventually working things out. Because these two things actually unearthed a whole lot of other issues, so it’s a good thing that everything is out in the open now and they’ve hashed it out and got past it.

That’s what friendship and partnership is all about. Now they can move on and make an even better team together.

4. Cayden James is a sassy villain. You guys all know about my undying love for Michael Emerson’s performance and he does not disappoint in “Thanksgiving”. He and Black Siren make a formidable duo and their back and forth is just an absolute joy to watch. Sure, they’re evil and planning awful things for Star City, but their banter is just downright hilarious sometimes.

Michael Emerson delivering his lines in such a deadpan tone is absolutely fantastic and it always gets to me.


3. Oliver and Diggle fighting. This one actually hurt to watch. Of course it wasn’t the first time they got into a fight, and it most definitely won’t be the last, but things seemed to run a little bit deeper this time around, especially because both of them have so much more at stake now.

Dig was definitely wrong in keeping his injury from Oliver — especially when it put the rest of the team in danger — but Oliver kind of just didn’t think how much being the Green Arrow would affect John. He stepped down from Vigilante duty to keep his son safe, but Dig has a wife and kid as well, and just as much to lose. So they were both wrong, but just like with Curtis and Felicity, it was a good thing that shit hit the fan and now everything is out in the open.

The whole John-is-keeping-his-injury-a-secret thing was already getting a little ridiculous and it was only a matter of time before that particular secret came out. I’m glad it wasn’t because someone else on the team got hurt because of him, but it sucks that he had to go and make his injury even worse by not coming clean about it to Oliver and Felicity.

My only beef with this particular subplot was that Diggle said that what he wanted most in life was to be the Green Arrow. I mean, where the hell did that come from?

2. Oliver Queen going out on the field again. I have to say, I missed seeing him with the suit on and kicking ass out on the field. It sucks that he is now lying to William about it, but it is for the greater good, so here’s hoping that Will can understand when he eventually finds out.


1. Family. That’s what this entire episode was all about, and it was only fitting, given the Thanksgiving theme. Team Arrow has become a family and this week’s episode made that very clear. Whether it was Felicity and Curtis working things out, or Oliver and Dig, or how Dinah is now basically everyone’s favorite person to talk to, or how Felicity didn’t even blink before offering the startup money to bail Oliver out — it all came down to family and how they always have each other’s backs.


Thea waking up at the end of the episode was only the icing on the cake. We started “Thanksgiving” with a glimpse of the beautiful family Oliver, Felicity and William have become, and we ended it with that core family celebrating Thanksgiving with the people they love the most. It was beautiful and it was a testament to how much these characters have grown and evolved over the years, but especially since last season.

This is the show I signed up for. These are the characters I know and love. Also, special shout out to the fact that William is calling Oliver “Dad”. I just about became a puddle of feels when it happened.

Arrow airs every Thursday at 9pm on The CW. However, the show will exceptionally air tomorrow at 9pm as part of the “Crisis on Earth X” crossover event.

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