Supanova Comic Con, Brisbane: Stan Lee, King of Marvel Cameos, and Sci-Fi’s Strong Women Tell All

Supanova Comic Con & Gaming, the event for Australia’s pop culture fandom, was held this past weekend in Brisbane and will be also held next weekend in Adelaide. The Brisbane event was headlined by Stan Lee and Millie Bobby Brown and featured cult favourites Jodelle Ferland, Shelley Hennig, Christian Kane, and Franz Drameh.

Teen Wolf, Dark Matter, The Librarians, Legends of Tomorrow, and Stranger Things fans, read on!

Let’s begin with the women of Sci-Fi…

Self-professed geek, Jodelle Ferland. Photo Credits: Candice Michelle Goodwin.

Jodelle Ferland — a Vancouver native who has been acting her whole life and is best known for her roles in cult favourites Dark Matter, Stargate: Atlantis, and The Twilight Saga — is looking forward to encountering Australian koalas and kangaroos, as well as trying out various Tim Tam flavours, while touring Australia. Jodelle exclaimed that the fans put in an incredible effort in trying to save Dark Matter, which was recently shockingly cancelled by SyFy. Here’s hoping that series creator Joseph Mallozzi will be able to offer us all closure through, perhaps, a final comic book installment.

Shelley Hennig, keeping things PG.

Shelley Hennig, who appears to have very much in common with her Teen Wolf character Malia, is pleasantly refreshing and outspoken about all the things that matter.
We are still a long way from seeing the diversity of real women represented on TV (something that Shonda Rhimes has thankfully managed to accomplish on her shows). Strong women are complex and embrace their faults and weaknesses. Women shouldn’t only exist in scripts to discuss having their periods! We’d like to see some real change!
Shelley also mentioned that her favourite person to work with on Teen Wolf was Ian Bohen, who played her father, Peter Hale, and made Malia’s daddy issues exponentially more interesting upon every suave appearance in Beacon Hills. She mentioned that blue-eyed boy, Ian, truly made the role his own, bringing something unexpected to every scene and keeping her on her toes.

Sci-Fi favourites, the lovely Jodelle Ferland (Dark Matter) and kick-ass Shelley Hennig (Teen Wolf), discussing strong women on TV, during Supanova Comic Con & Gaming.

A standing room only exhibition hall greeted Stranger Things’ Eleven, breakout star Millie Bobby Brown, who is only 13-years-old but has maturity and wisdom far beyond her years. She oozes charisma and true stardom, reminiscent of Emma Watson. Her sudden fame means that she can never return to public school. This also meant that her favourite co-star during school hours on the set of Season 2 was Noah Schnapp, who is of the same age. Asked who she would save, Hopper or Mike, she answered Hopper! She explained that while Eleven is obsessed with Mike, she personally values working with David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper.

Millie Bobby Brown, captivating audiences.

As for the men of Sci-Fi, Stan “The Man” Lee was hysterical in panels, discussing all things Marvel and his brilliant cameo appearances in each movie. Stan Lee is animated, smart, comic, and a true storyteller who loves what he does! He mentioned that he wished he had created DC’s Superman, which was a stroke of genius and essentially began the superhero genre. He also stated that he is incredibly impressed by George Lucas having created Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Speaking of Star Wars, Brian Herring, the man literally behind BB8, being the puppet master for BB8, said that he had no idea that BB8 would become so popular.

Christian Kane, best known for his roles on Angel and Leverage, discussed his current role on The Librarians. He says that he has much in common with his character, Jacob Stone, which was written for him and who has an extensive knowledge of art history and architecture. Season 4 premieres on December 13 and, according to Dean Devlin, is a love letter to the fans. Christian Kane is multitalented, being a fighter and doing many of his own stunts, as well as being a singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice.

Christian Kane (right) and Mark Lutz (left). Kane can currently be seen on The Librarians.

Franz Drameh happily geeks out over his role as Firestorm on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, a comic book character he was familiar with before accepting the role. He says that he had a “big kid moment” when he saw the Firestorm suit for the first time, and he constantly pretends that The Waverider is The Enterprise, saying things like “Captain’s Log” on the bridge.

Legends, a series about time travel, is an incredibly expensive show to make, and the stories are complex — thus the 13-episode orders per season, compared to the longer seasons of the other Arrowverse series. Franz commented that his favourite episodes are any that involve horses and swords. Asked if The CW has become oversaturated with superhero series, he answered no and that he doesn’t see this trend slowing down any time soon. A true superhero fan himself, he said that he is more interested in the darker, tortured heroes, such as Wolverine and Batman.

Franz Drameh, best known for his role on Legends of Tomorrow, alongside Victor Garber as one half of Firestorm, having taken over from Robbie Amell.

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Candice with X-Men cosplayers.


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