Lana Parrilla Hits It Out Of The Ballpark… Again

The thought of a Regina/Roni/Lana Parrilla centric episode sends a wave of excitement through the fandom — for good reason. She’s easily one of the strongest actors on this show and has carried it from the start. This episode of Once Upon a Time was no different. The question remains, where the hell is her Emmy?

This episode gave a look into what Regina has been up to prior to this curse, and dropped the bomb that this isn’t Victoria’s doing. She’s a pawn. This is Drizella’s curse. Drizella, who reminded not only the audience of Regina, but Regina herself played up her weaknesses to get what she wanted. She’s a total bitch.

However, the shining star was Lana Parrilla. The sequence where she starts to remember who she is — the emotions that go through her face in the matter of seconds — is acting at its best. Parrilla has always had this going for her, and this episode further proved that when she does something she puts her 100% into it. The montage of her life also aids in showcasing her range of talent in making any and every version of this character its own.


Her acting is always spot on, but the brilliance that she brings to her facial expressions when expressing different emotions gives you goosebumps.


The pure anger and wanting to strangle the little twat for trapping her there, to the utter look of defeat when she doesn’t know what to do. She has the ability of expressing these things without uttering a single word.


She brought the emotion last night. Regina went through a rollercoaster ride, from realizing that her baby boy is all grown up and doesn’t need his mother anymore, to when she woke up from her haze and realized that she might have to break her son’s heart to save him.


The scene between Rumple and Regina in the Enchanted Forest is exceptionally beautiful. These two characters have history together and have been through so much. They’ve finally gotten to a point where they can sit back and just talk. This scene was genuine because the chemistry between Parrilla and Robert Carlyle flows so well. They’ve always had something and they’re the strongest actors on this show. Sparks fly when they are on screen together.


Parrilla talent is astronomical but you can tell that she puts her all into this character. Her love for Regina and all her variations is evident in how perfectly she’s created the versions. Roni is not at all like any of the other versions we’ve seen. She’s spent the first six episodes playing up this rock and roll bartender but now that she’s awake, she’s playing off Roni in such a way that is different. The final scene with Henry it’s evident that Regina is in there and awake. She falls into her old self, but pulls it up to act the part of Roni.


Regina went from the most feared villain of them all to the savior and hero. She found her happiness within herself. She turned tables growing over the years. Lana Parrilla has taken this character and made her one to aspire to. She’s a role model for younger girls growing up to go out there and stay true to yourself. That good can come from broken. That evil isn’t born, it’s made. 

She continues to show the hero that Regina has become every day. She’s now doing it in denim and band tees, which, by the way, look amazing! This new look is totally rocking and her latest enchanted forest, warrior look is even more so. The costume department is doing amazing things as always.

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