Grey's Anatomy 300th Episode

Grey’s Anatomy Hits Major Milestone And Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

Grey’s Anatomy, the little show that could aired its 300th episode bringing back all the ghosts of its past and making you reach for the tissue box throughout the hour.

Oh March 27, 2005, Shonda Rhimes kicked off her empire with a little show called Grey’s Anatomy. The ensemble was one of the greats and has shown that they can keep pushing through. After 14 seasons, they are still going strong.

The cast has changed vastly since the start. The rollercoaster that Rhimes has thrown us into has seen immense tragedy and heartbreak. As well as joy and tears of happiness. The show wouldn’t be standing where it is today without Shonda Rhimes’ brilliant vision and actress Ellen Pompeo’s belief in the storyline. Pompeo has brought Meredith to life and there is no Grey’s Anatomy without her. Of course, this is an ensemble show, and the rest of the cast and crew that make this work are just as much pivotal to it’s success.

Grey’s Anatomy aired its 300th episode this week. A feat that is nearly non-existent these days for television. Reaching 100 is a huge deal — 300 is unbelievable, but they did it. And to commemorate all that this show has brought over the last 14 seasons, they decided to more or less sum up everyone that we lost. The ghosts of the past were flooding Grey Sloan Memorial.

Baby Cristina, George, and Izzie — residents at Seattle Presbyterian — were in their ER after a rollercoaster collapsed. Rollercoaster, the irony of this. But their look-alikes, who exhibited uncanny personalities to the originals, gave the veterans a blast to the past. Making them remember those that are no longer with us.

Amelia ended up on a case that reminded her of Derek — a case where a lack of a CT would have killed the patient, similar to how her brother died. She ended it with saying that he was in her head, that he saved her patient — he was that good. Meanwhile, Arizona brought up Mark and what he would be telling her now. Zola saying that she wants to be a neurosurgeon like her father. Meredith operating on Cristina’s lookalike and doing her best to save her…the feels were all over the place. This episode paid homage to the original cast and all those that were beloved and left.

Greys Anatomy Season 1 Cast

The music that they played were songs that brought back emotions, from the original theme that gave you flashbacks of a simpler time — when the biggest hurdle was Derek’s wife showing up — to “Keep Breathing”, while airing the different surgeries that brought back memories of those no longer here; to “Portions for Foxes”, which played during the pilot. This crew went above and beyond to give you a whirlwind of emotions while the surgeons of Grey Sloan memorial took a trip down memory lane.

If that wasn’t enough, Meredith won the Harper Avery surrounded by the people she loved and the ghosts of her past. Kate Burton returned for a surprise appearance to show how proud Ellis was of Meredith at this time. Something she has always wanted. To make her mother proud, she did it. She’s now the surgical royalty that her mom was at one point.

They ended the episode with Alex and Meredith kicking the new interns out of their original spot in the basement to toast the win. Naturally, her person — Cristina — heard that she won and had to call. Three of the original five back together.

This episode took a trip down memory lane, bringing up all the ghosts of the past. Our pasts are not always sunshine and rainbows but they shape us into the people we are today. These characters wouldn’t be who they are today if they hadn’t gone through what they had.

We are forced to acknowledge that certain kinds of magic exist. And that history and memory and the ghosts of our past are sometimes just as tangible as anything we can hold in our hands.

Through the twists and turns, the countless monologues that gave us insight into our own hearts, and the tears of sadness and joy, this show has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Congratulations, Shonda Rhimes and the cast and crew of Grey’s Anatomy on this incredible milestone! Kudos to Debbie Allen for directing a spectacular 300th episode.

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