Scandal: Top 5 Moments From 7×05 “Adventures in Babysitting”

The power struggle between Olivia and Mellie escalates when Mellie learns that Olivia has done stuff behind her back. The women soon learn that they are better as allies than letting the men around them call them shots. “Adventures in Babysitting” is another episode featuring the girl power that Shonda Rhimes has been committed to showcasing as the final season of Scandal continues.

Shonda Rhimes is the queen of giving her women the center stage to tell the world who’s boss; she’s proudly shown it through all her shows. Turning Grey’s Anatomy into a female powerhouse after Derek’s death, Olivia Pope has always run the country on Scandal, and Annalise Keating is the HBIC on How to Get Away with Murder.

This season, Rhimes has given Mellie and Olivia the go-ahead to do whatever, whenever. They run this shit, and they’re making it known. Fitz is going to have to learn that this is not his house anymore.

1. Mellie doesn’t take things too far with President Rashad.
Mellie is determined to show the world that she is a powerful leader and that she’s not going to do things the way her male predecessors have. That includes not screwing around with other people she’s doing business with. Of course, she’s still human and her feelings are there. She’s acknowledged them, but she knows she can’t fully act on this and continue to work to have her monument made.

2. Fitz gets his ass handed to him by Olivia and Mellie.
Olivia wasn’t super stoked about Fitz ratting her out to Mellie. That was a low bar even for him, and she’s making it known that she doesn’t deal with that. By the end of the episode, Olivia and Mellie are back on good terms; and she’s giving Fitz a bit of his own medicine.

The way Fitz walked into that meeting like he owned the place, only to be handed the axe, was delightful. Mellie doesn’t need him. Olivia doesn’t need him. He’s going to have to figure out what to do on his own. But this is their ballgame now.

3. Olivia realizes she has forgotten her gladiator roots.
After meeting with Quinn about Rashad’s niece, she gets a reality shock that she hasn’t done this the right way with Mellie. They were currently in odds with each other over the whole B6-13 thing but she knew how to make this work. She needed to know what Mellie wanted. After figuring out what she wanted and that Mellie was willing to let her do whatever it took, she went about it to get it done. “Consider it handled.” It is good to hear Olivia Pope going back to her roots again.

4. Quinn bonds with Yasmine.
The maternal instincts are starting to kick in for Quinn. Not only that, but she has taken the gladiator thing to the next level and has been able to apply Olivia’s guidelines to making QPI work. She’s good at being the boss.

Quinn was able to bond with Rashad’s niece and convince her what would be best for her and her girlfriend in the long run. That she could help her uncle work on the country to make it more tolerant and change the views of women. She was the one to take her to the airport, and the goodbye was heartwarming.

5. The plane blows up.
Alright, so this was predictable. This is one of Shonda Rhimes’ shows, and there is no way anything good is happening without shit hitting the ceiling. Nothing ever gets wrapped up in a pretty little bow until the series finale. You could tell something was about to happen, either with the plane or someone was going to get shot…but the visuals were cool. Katie Lowes’ acting to knowing that Yasmine was dead was flawless. This is going to affect her — stay tuned to find out how.

Scandal airs Thursday nights at 9:00PM on ABC. 

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