Once Upon a Time: Top 5 Moments Of 7×05 “Greenbacks”

Princess Tiana got to take center stage, as her story starts to unfold on Once Upon a Time. See how she owned up to her nature and became a badass princess, like all the other women on this show… at least how they started — Emma Swan I’m looking at you.

This show is not at all what it used to be and they’re needing to lay the ground work on these characters. With every new episode more information is revealed, similar to season 1. We don’t know who is awake, and who isn’t; the reveal is slow, but hopefully they aren’t going to drag this out until the end of the season. It’s very possible, but it’s been done before.

Nevertheless, the show continues to show that being a princess doesn’t mean you’re a weak damsel in distress. Tiana may have started out with the quest to find a prince, but unlike the movie, she finds herself. She’s the savior that her kingdom needs and she reunites a guy with his lost love who happened to be a frog.

1. Sabeen’s unconditional belief in dreams and going out for them regardless of how scary it might be. Believing in your dreams isn’t easy. It’s hard. It’s scary going after what you want without knowing what will happen. The unknown is scary. But there are people who will never give up on their dreams to have the life they always want. Sabeen is one of them.

She isn’t one to let the fear of the unknown stop her from trying something that she thinks will make it better for them. Her best friend doesn’t have the same confidence as her, but by the end she’s trying. She takes the plunge and buys them a food truck. This episode featured the two of them together, but truth be told they seem more like the “epic love story” than Henry and Jacinda at this point.

7x05 GIF #3

2. Tiana showing Dr. Facilier the badass princess that she is. Similar to all the other princesses on this show, Tiana doesn’t need anyone to fight her battles. She’s also not about to let someone take advantage of her kingdom. She will fight for the people who can’t do it themselves, and she goes out of her way, giving up her prized possession from her late father, to get back the love of this stranger’s life. Showing that doing good is always better in the long run.

7x05 GIF #4

3. Roni being very maternal around Henry. Roni might not have her memories of being Regina, but she’s connected with Henry. So much so that she feels the need to step in and protect him when need be, regardless of it being a trap or not. She’s trying to steer him in the direction of Jacinda, but she’s also willing to put herself in harms way — not knowing what might be waiting at Belfry tower — and make sure Henry isn’t in danger. There’s a part of her that still knows. It just needs a little kick start.

7x05 GIF #2

4. Roni finding the picture of her and Henry. The kick start may very well be an old picture of her and Henry that she finds in Belfry tower. She doesn’t remember this, doesn’t know where it’s taken, why she’s dressed the way she is or the kid. But Henry knows and he tells her. Will this be what makes her remember? Will Regina be back? The next episode is very much Regina/Roni centric. Stay tuned to find out.

On another note the CBGB tank was a great choice. Did not realize how much I needed Lana Parrilla in a CBGB shirt until now.

7x05 GIF #5

5. Ivy is awake.

Right at the end they drop the bomb that she knows very well who she is and has been awake and playing everyone this whole time. Now is she the one that cast this curse? How is she awake? What even? And here I was pulling for Ivy and Henry to schtup… they’re the better couple. There’s more chemistry there. I mean technically this could still happen. So what if she’s a villain, I’m still getting more of a Regina vibe from her — not only because she looks like she could be her daughter when she’s dressed like her in the enchanted forest — so it’s very possible that she can be reformed. She does look like she’s about to start shit with Regina next week though and honey you don’t want to do this. The Evil Queen isn’t someone you want to mess with.

7x05 GIF #1

Next week, the Regina/Roni centric episode we’ve all been waiting for! Tune in!

Once Upon a Time returns with an all new episode next Friday, November 10, at 8pm on ABC.

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