Outlander: Top 5 Moments of 3×07: “Crème De Menthe”

Outlander, every Sunday I keep asking myself if one day you will cease to amaze me, and so far I’m happy to say absolutely not. This hour was a return to form from last week’s amazing slow unfolding of Jamie and Claire’s perfectly acted and written reunion.

Picking up where last week left off, on Claire confronting an intruder, she successfully fends him off in the beginning of this week’s episode. This week I’ve decided to do something different and pick my top moments of this week’s outing so let’s dive into it shall we?

5. Claire fighting to save a man, despite him literally trying to attack her. Claire’s compassion and instincts as a doctor are admirable, but this alone put her into the category of future saint. She put every effort and skill she possessed at hand to save someone despite his violence and likely bad character without a single moment of hesitation. As relieved as I was to know he couldn’t hurt her anymore, it still hurt to see that failing to save him hurt Claire. Losing patients, whoever they are, can’t feel good, so bravo to Caitriona Balfe for portraying that so well.

4. Ian Murray becoming the sweetest “seductress” ever. Seriously, brother bonding between Fergus and Ian was heart warming in the best way, but I couldn’t stop cracking up at Ian’s innocent admission he had never been with a lass before. Add in Fergus explaining he lost his virginity at age 15 in a menage a trois — because of course he did — and you have the makings of the best bonding and seductive scene ever. Never thought those two words would go together, but that’s Outlander for you.

3. Claire and Jamie’s discussion over parenthood in both centuries. I knew the transition would never be as smooth as all get out, but it was telling to see their different perspectives come out so forcefully. I couldn’t help but side with Claire, as I don’t think I could ever willingly hide a person’s child from them — teenager or not — when they’re genuinely worried about him.

Jamie was coming from his experience with Ian before, and taking care of him the best way he can, but bringing up his missing raising Brianna hits a sore spot that I don’t think will ever truly go away. Their love can bridge the years they missed, but it’ll still be sometimes easy to glance down and see what they had to endure during their years apart.

2. What do you mean Jamie has another wife?! Spoiler alert — if you’re a book fan, you already knew this, but for all of you non book fans out there, this is not a secret I would have guessed coming a mile away. For one, I’m annoyed at Jamie for hiding this from Claire, even if every instinct in his body is to protect her from getting hurt. I love him for loving her so much, that twenty years didn’t make so much as a dent, but I’m afraid of what’s to come from this secret.

1. This…entire…episode. Yes, I admit I’m cheating with this last one, but the truth is that there were so many great moments in this episode, that it made it hard to pick even four! The character development was off the charts when Claire went out to heal the lady who needed; to my love of everything historical coming alive in the scenery and clothing; to  the humorous tone, despite all the crazy events happening. It’s a wonder Outlander can fit so much in what feels too short a time, but kudos to literally EVERYONE.

What were your top moments, Outlander fans? Sound off in the comments below!

Outlander airs Sundays at 8pm on Starz.

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