Once Upon a Time 7×04 Review: Beauty

Emilie de Ravin returns to bid farewell to Belle as the town of Hyperion Heights celebrates Halloween, in the latest episode of Once Upon a Time.

Now that is how you give a beloved character a send off. Not the crap that they gave Jennifer Morrison in episode 2. This episode revolved around Belle. That was the A story — it wasn’t all about Rumple. They showed exactly what happened with Belle, why she’s not around, and explained why Rumple ended up in Hyperion Heights.

They gave her a full episode, and they kept her character intact. Belle went out the hero she was — she didn’t leave to start another family and have a ‘do-over’, per se. She grew old with her true love, and died hoping that their love can out do the darkness in Rumple.

This relationship wasn’t always the greatest. They had plenty of toxic moments. There were moments when Belle finally stood her ground, but they came back to each other time and time again. They were meant to be. She was the one that was going to set him free from the darkness and she did that until her final breath. They got to travel the realms together. They raised a boy to be a good person, a scholar just like his mother. They got that fairytale life that all the stories talk about.

Belle got the goodbye that Emma should have gotten. This is exactly how you do it, and seeing that they knew that this was how to do it, the send-off Emma got seems even more half-assed and lazy. Yes, there were an abundance of cheesy moments — the very UP-like house building for example — but the ending and the montage of their past together brought their chemistry to the forefront.

Emilie and Bobby have insane chemistry on screen. They always have. Yes, it’s sad that this will be the last of that, but they got to grow old together. They got the happily ever after, proving the premise of this show that not all evil is evil and not all good is good. The Dark One got his happy ending. If he can, anyone can — writers, if you all make Regina cry again this season, I’m starting a mob.

The B-story involved Halloween in Hyperion Heights, including Alice dressed like a rabbit and pretty much proving she is the big LGBT relationship they teased and she’s awake. For the most part. She’s a little coocoo and doesn’t quite get that you don’t try to rip people’s faces off. But you know, they’re all mad there.

Roni was dressed like Monica Geller, and giving Henry advice on moving on after people have died. Lord, this woman has been through so much and even her cursed persona is living that. Regardless, the one scene with her just further showed how moving Lana Parrilla can make any performance with mere alterations in her facial expressions and voice. You wanted to reach out and hug her at this point.

Henry, though, managed to get himself into what looked like a love triangle between Jacinda and her step sister, Ivy. Lucy was missing and Jacinda couldn’t leave, leaving Ivy and Henry to search for her.

Ivy’s cold exterior slowly came undone in this sequence, though. She reminds you of a young Regina having to deal with Cora. Victoria is brutal and clearly a mother that’s very hard to please, similar to how Cora was and Ivy’s alone. Regina did have her father and Daniel, but they weren’t able to help out as much when it came to dealing with Cora. I’m sure these two can bond over that if given the chance…also they look alike,, so really they should just announce the familial connection already.

Next week, Roni finds an old picture of her and Henry…will the curse start to crack? Tune in to find out.

Once Upon a Time returns with an all new episode next Friday, November 2, at 8pm on ABC.


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