Lucifer: Top 5 Moments Of 3×04 “What Would Lucifer Do?”

This week’s Lucifer was everything I absolutely love about this show. As much as I loved last week’s Maze standalone episode, “What Would Lucifer Do?” moved the season arc along and brought us some pretty incredible moments for all characters.

Lucifer is pretty determined to be the devil he has always been and prove to himself that the wings do not define who he is at all. So he does everything in his power to prove that he is wicked and evil, but it takes Amenadiel for him to finally realize that the Devil is not necessarily evil. On the contrary, Lucifer’s job is to punish evil, and not help spread it.

The case of the week brought us to a ranch where criminal youths were in transition to a better, reformed life. Of course, in the end, the owner of the place was the one that was guilty of murdering a counselor, proving to Lucifer that, ultimately, people don’t change.

However, Amenadiel, in all his wisdom, tells him that people can change and that Lucifer is one of the prime examples. He cares about people now and, most importantly, he cares about Chloe. The fact that she almost died and he wasn’t there to protect her — because he was elsewhere being his wicked, devilish self — really rattles him, and he feels so incredibly guilty.

But Lt. Marcus Pierce was the one who saved her, jumping in front of a bullet for her and getting shot himself. I hadn’t really thought too much about that scene — other than Pierce acting on instinct to protect a fellow cop — but my friend and fellow writer Sarah had a pretty interesting theory about that scene.

We know that Pierce is human, but he is definitely mixed up with Sinnerman somehow. So here’s what Sarah told me after this episode: What if Pierce died and was resurrected by Sinnerman, so he can do his bidding? He seemed to be pretty surprised when he actually got shot, so what if this is something similar to that dirty cop in season 1, but with a twist? What if the fact that Chloe was blessed by an angel actually affects Pierce the same way it affects Lucifer, making him vulnerable?

Too out there? What is your theory?

Now, without further ado, let’s talk about the highlights of “What Would Lucifer Do?”:

5. Amenadiel trying to walk a mile in Lucifer’s shoes. The poor angel, he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. The entire thing was hilarious, from him trying to flirt and pick up a girl at LUX, to Dan having to bail him out after he was arrested because the girl that he managed to pick up was actually a prostitute.

4. Ella trying to convince Chloe that Pierce actually has the hots for her. Ella Lopez is a precious unicorn and I just want to protect her at all costs. Aimee Garcia is absolutely hilarious and she is just so honest and earnest in her performance, that you can’t help but think Ella is completely adorkable and completely crazy at the same time.

3. Lucifer is totally jealous. Or at least starting to get jealous, especially now that Chloe and Pierce seem to be getting along just fine — and the lieutenant has come clean about thinking that Chloe is his best detective and all that. I still think he’s up to no good, but we caught a glimpse of the love triangle that is forming between them.

2. Chloe finally standing up for herself. Even though that scene ended with Pierce getting shot, I was totally cheering Chloe on when she finally decided to speak up about the Lieutenant being a douche to her. Of course, that is going to lead to this godforsaken love triangle, but it was still great for her to put Pierce in his place and set the record straight about just how much of a badass she actually is.

1. Lucifer getting stoned. Enough said.

Lucifer returns with an all new episode next Monday, October 30, at 8pm on FOX.

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