Supergirl: Top 5 Moments Of 3×02 “Triggers”

Last night’s Supergirl has easily made it to my top 5 episodes of the show. Fear is a powerful, powerful thing, and “Triggers” dealt with it in a way that I was not expecting. I didn’t know much going in, and I had no idea what an emotional ride this episode was going to be.

Melissa Benoist is a fantastic actress, but last night, she was at her very best. Everything about this episode was amazing, but what I really, really loved was seeing Kara letting Alex in again. When a metahuman — guess they have those in Supergirl’s Earth too — starts targeting banks in National City, Supergirl immediately tries to stop her.

But the thing is, this meta has a very special power, and it’s something that can paralize anyone — including Supergirl. She uses people’s own fear against them, which leaves them in a state of total panic, completely paralized, while she goes on her merry way with as much money as she can carry.

That particular meta caused Kara to have panic attacks throughout the episode, and it was done so well, and Melissa was so incredible, that it made “Triggers” the gem that it really is.

Now without further ado, let’s talk about the highlights of last night’s Supergirl:

5. I love, love, love Sam and her relationship with her daughter Ruby. I love that she’s a struggling single parent, just trying to make ends meet, and I am going to really hate hating her when she eventually becomes evil. However, I really can’t see how that’s going to happen just yet, because she is just so sweet. My questions remain the same — is she Kryptonian? Is she related to Kara? What happened to her powers? Why could she lift that tower off her daughter, but couldn’t use that super strength again when she intentionally tried to? Maybe now that she is going to be closer to Kara, kind of, her powers will resurface?

4. Lena Luthor is a badass boss, and I’m really going to enjoy seeing her at CatCo. I loved how she came in, taking charge, so she could get the hang of things as fast as possible. The fact that she made herself approachable by everyone and available for all things really speaks to what an extraordinary person she is. That said, what was that between Lena and James? They are not trying to set them up, are they? Because if they are, abort mission now. Where is that even coming from?

3. Lena Luthor is also an incredible friend. In what was probably one of my very favorite scenes between her and Kara to date, I absolutely loved when she made Kara listen. She tried to approach her as a friend, and when she wouldn’t listen and she couldn’t get through to her, Lena used her badass boss voice, and made Kara sit down and listen for once. And that was what finally did the trick. I love their relationship and I can’t wait to see this friendship blossom even more. Melissa and Katie McGrath have such an incredible chemistry together, that it is an absolute pleasure to watch them interact on my screen.


2. Kara’s most primal fear revealed what she had been in denial about. It took a while — and several panic attacks — for our favorite Kryptonian to finally realize what had really been eating at her since she had to make that impossible decision to send Mon-El away. When Psi used her powers on her, Kara kept reliving her last few moments in Krypton, when her mother put her in a pod and sent her away. But what we really learned from this — other than the fact that this was the scariest moment of her life — was that she relived that exact fear when she had to watch Mon-El get in a pod and flee the planet, in order to save himself.

Her fear now was that it had all been for nothing, because he could be dead somewhere and it would have been all her fault. She felt so incredibly guilty that she had forced the man she loved to live through her worst nightmare, and that realization was just heartbreaking to watch.

1. Kara finally let Alex back in. Supergirl, at its core, is a show about their relationship as sisters. In her grief, Kara had pushed everyone away, including the one person she has always known she can count on. But it takes her panic attacks — and Winn eventually telling Alex about them — for her to finally confide in her sister again. And every moment from then on was amazing, especially when Alex managed to talk her down from her last panic attack, and finally make her voice what she had been bottling up for all these months. All she needed was to share her fears with someone, so she could understand and overcome them.


All in all, “Triggers” earns a big A+ in my book.

Supergirl returns with an all new episode next Monday, October 23, at 8pm on The CW.

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