This Is Us 2×02 Review: Taking Risks And Being George Clooney

The Big Three are back together as Kevin gets ready for his return to The Manny. Meanwhile, Kate and her mom finally have that conversation they should have years before and Randall and Beth come to a decision about the adoption.

This Is Us beautifully portrays a family and visualizes their struggles. The concept behind the show is simple. What makes it extraordinary is that this show is very relatable. The themes that are dealt with, week after week, are concepts that everyone can understand and relate to. No one’s perfect and every family has their issues. In today’s society everyone puts their best foot forward. Social media doesn’t give you the full picture. This show goes deep into that.

Kate is struggling with the idea of always having to be better for her mother. She wants to show her mom she’s the perfect daughter that she always dreamed of. Her mother is this tall, beautiful woman with a perfect voice who excels at everything. Throughout her life it was hard for her to live up to this. The flashbacks show how she was excited to perform up until she heard her mother singing. She can’t live up to that, she doesn’t think she’s good enough. This is something everyone can relate to in one sense or another. There is always someone who will be prettier than you, better at whatever you are trying to do, smarter, etc. Comparing yourself to them is never the answer. You might see this picture perfect person, but you don’t see the struggles they are dealing with. This message to just be you and do what makes you happy, regardless of if someone is better, is very important to put out there. Kate finally gets to the point where she’s like, I don’t care what you have to say, but they end on a good note.

Kevin has agreed to return to The Manny for one more show. As much as he doesn’t want to he does because he wants to be the bigger person. He wants to be George Clooney — Clooney returned for the final episode of ER. But as he is trying to get through the episode, he is getting frustrated because the producer clearly wants to make him humiliate himself. Luckily for him, Sophie is there to give him perspective. It’s a job and he has to just do it.

As he is about to act out a particularly embarrassing scene, they play a back and forth between that moment and a flashback of Kevin at his school talent show. Everyone in the audience had no idea what he was doing but then you see Sophie and she’s laughing at his jokes. Back in present day, she’s still that person who gives him the extra push. She’s his biggest cheerleader and that’s something we all want. To have that one person that will be your rock and push you to be better than you are. Someone who sees your potential and can give you back the faith you’ve lost in yourself. I really hope these two last this time.

Randall is dealing with his own anxiety about not knowing if he can go through with adopting an older child. He’s scared. He doesn’t know the outcome and he doesn’t do well with risks. The only risk he ever took was when he asked Beth out. Every other decision he made after knowing he could succeed. Knowing this, Beth gave him the option to back out even though she knew they could do this. They show you what a healthy marriage looks like. Trusting each other, not knowing what’s going to come, but knowing that whatever it is, you’ll conquer it together, is what everyone strives for. Will this adoption be easy? Probably not. But they have each other and they’ll get through it.

In flashbacks, we get more insight into Jack and how he got through his addiction the first time around. There are flashes of him in combat. Does this mean he lost his life in combat? Stay tuned to find out.

This Is Us returns with an all new episode next Tuesday, October 10, at 9pm on NBC. 

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