Outlander 3×04 Review: Of Lost Things

Outlander is the kind of show that, when you finish an episode you initially think: words just aren’t enough. That’s how I felt this week, but I’m going to be articulating, anyway, because this episode deserves it. For the first time this season, we saw Brianna and Roger with Claire in 1968 Scotland, picking up where the season two finale left off in trying to track down Jamie’s whereabouts for the last twenty years, two centuries back. That’s a mouthful I don’t think I’d ever type, but let’s dive in shall we?


Claire, Brianna and Roger are on a mission to find Jamie, even if it takes hours of scouring through centuries old documents. Which if I had been separated from my one true love forever soulmate (yes, I know it’s cheesy, but it applies here damn it) I’d happily spend weeks. Sadly, the effort is compounded by the fact that the only documents they can find is of Jamie’s time at Ardsmuir Prison. I desperately wanted to shout through the screen where Claire could hear me: “HE IS ALIVE! HE WAS SENT TO ENGLAND, WHERE HE WAS BLACKMAILED INTO HAVING SEX AND THEN HAVING A KID BEFORE GOING BACK TO SCOTLAND!” I’m jumping ahead, but Claire struggling with the idea of potentially seeing Jamie again makes me understand why Mrs Graham warned her so many years ago not to spend her life chasing a ghost.

In spite of all this, being honest with Brianna — as she so wonderfully put it — has begun to bring down the wall between them. Going with that, though, is the fear she might lose her to the past. As much as I want Claire and Jamie to find each other again, the idea of her never seeing Brianna again is heartbreaking. As much as she feels it, I don’t think Brianna is at all selfish to want her mom to stay where she knows she’s safe.

Taking a second to say that when Brianna kissed Roger, I literally squealed: NEW OTP ALERT! Their obvious chemistry was hard to ignore from the start, but I had a hard time keeping the smile off my face when she asked if Fiona was Roger’s girlfriend. Roger is, for lack of a better word, adorable and his sincerity in helping Brianna and Claire makes me completely understand (and partly wish it was me) Brianna “unexpectedly” kissing him. Who can resist a Scottish accent? Lord knows I can’t.

Pardon getting off track again, as much as I was hoping (and half expecting) them to find Jamie, it was perfect to intertwine Brianna and Claire flying back overcome with as much sadness Jamie experienced leaving Willie behind.


James Fraser, I ask, why can’t you exist in 2017? My wishes aside, his ability to survive and live in the most interesting circumstances — and I’m being kind using the word interesting — are a reason he’s one of the most dynamic characters I’ve ever seen. It’s far better than being a prisoner in chains, but life at Helwater gets tricky pretending you’re a groomsman and, then getting blackmailed into sex with an English lady. Good lord, that’s actually a sentence.

In spite of all his challenges and struggles, he encounters his ability to never give up, and that still continues to astound me. His sense of honor is not one you often see, and his strive to hold it close — even in the midst of blackmailing and secret keeping — is frankly remarkable. Which I will stand by, as I was deeply annoyed at how Geneva forced him to “help” her, even if I could understand not wanting to give up her “maidenhead” to an old man.

His tenderness with her brought to mind his first time with Claire, which only became stronger when he described what love truly is to him. Because no matter what anyone else might say, I know in my heart he still holds that love for Claire. I don’t know how, but the expression on his face almost matches hers when she’s thinking of Jamie two centuries forward.

In the past, though, what I liked more than anything was his unlikely friendship with John Grey. I’m sure Grey’s true interest in him surprised him, but the Englishman shares that honor he possesses. It’s hard to be somewhere and not have a friend, and as much as I cracked up when Jamie offered himself in exchange for Grey looking after his son, his refusal made his character absolutely clear to me.

Jamie has had to make one hard choice right after another, and leaving his son behind before he or anyone of consequence figured out the truth was the best thing he could have done.

I just wish both of them, Jamie and Claire, didn’t have to keep making such choices together and yet so far apart. Outlander, you’ve done my heart in again. Let’s see how I make it through next Sunday.

How about you Outlander fans? What was your favorite moment from “Of Lost Things?”

Outlander returns with an all new episode next Sunday, October 8, at 8pm on Starz.

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