Grey’s Anatomy Turns 300!

Shonda Rhimes’ golden child, the one that keeps giving, hit another major milestone. Grey’s Anatomy celebrated their 300th episode this season!

300 episodes. This is extraordinary. Making it to 100 episodes is a huge deal, 300 is hardly ever seen, but Grey’s Anatomy did it. As the show is getting ready to premiere their 14th season, the cast and crew celebrated their 300th episode that will be aired this season.

Over the years, the cast has changed and molded into the female powerhouse that it currently is. Shonda Rhimes has pushed the limits and brought focus to topics that are uncomfortable, topics that are considered taboo, and she’s done it with poise, grace, and confidence. She’s made this show into one that will always be remembered. She’s done the unthinkable — killing McDreamy — and survived. This show has conquered mountains and came out thriving.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Grey’s Anatomy and the producers at Shondaland for this incredible accomplishment! Keep rocking!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 premieres this Thursday, September 28, at 9pm on ABC. 

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Anam Ahmad

Anam is a self proclaimed TV nerd who loves all things TV. Anything with a fantastical or SciFi twist, a drama, or a show produced by Shonda Rhimes usually catches her eye. She’s a DC native so naturally she’s an activist when she’s not sitting in front of the television.

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