Advance Review: Once Upon a Time Season 7 Premiere – A New Story

Once Upon a Time season 7 is shaking it all up. Adios Storybrooke, hola Hyperion Heights. There’s a new curse, a new villain, a new town, and a whole lot of new faces. The premiere keeps the texture similar to what we’re used to, but the feel is so very different. “Hyperion Heights” felt more like a pilot of a new series than a continuation of one we’ve known for 6 years.

The reboot paired with the countless news of beloved cast members parting ways left a sour taste in regards to the new season. I’ll admit I was apprehensive. The idea behind it seemed as though they were literally re-doing everything with another person. In a way they are, but it wasn’t the same. It’s got potential. Season 1 of Once Upon a Time was hands down incredible. If this season is taking any cues from that, it’ll end up being pretty good.

The basic premise of the show is the same, there’s a curse that has wiped out the memories of all the fairy tale characters. Henry doesn’t remember his past life and doesn’t believe. His daughter is on a quest to make him believe and break the curse with a True Love’s Kiss — no doubt. By the end of that episode there’s a sign of hope, similar to the clock starting to tick during the pilot. It’s very reminiscent of the familiar, yet it feels new.

Is it worth the watch? Yeah, it is. But you have to watch it with a fresh set of eyes. Watch it as though you’re watching a pilot, basically.

The premiere is 2 weeks away, until then here’s a little teaser of what to expect…

  • Cinderella and Henry’s story has similarities to Snow and Charming. He’s following his grandparents footsteps no doubt.
  • A lot of classic Disney references make their way into the story
  • Victoria’s (Lady Tremaine) entrance in the real world gives off major The Devil Wears Prada feels. Think the scene where Meryl first shows up and Emily, etc. are all flipping a shit. Drizella is Emily in this scenario.
  • Cursed Henry is an Uber driver because he had writers block after a failed first book… writers everywhere know this feeling.
  • This curse partially explains why we don’t see the rest of the old cast. It does explain why only Regina, Hook, and Rumple are around.
  • Lucy and Henry have a very Henry/Emma vibe going on
  • The reign of badass women continues.
  • Last, but definitely not least Roni is absolutely a delight. She ends up giving the hope speech at one point. I was kind of hoping that she would let her Brooklyn accent out but, alas, she still sounds very much like Regina.

You can check out more promotional photos of the Once Upon a Time Season 7 premiere here.

Once Upon a Time “Hyperion Heights” airs Friday, October 6 at 8pm on ABC. 

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