Danver Sisters Take Center Stage At This Year’s Mega CW Crossover

The mega DC heroes crossover on The CW has become a tradition. Now with four shows under the DC unbrella, the crossover events seem to be getting bigger and bigger every year. But even though it’s at least a 3-hour extravaganza, it is usually hard to involve so many shows and so many characters in whatever is going on.

Last year, “Invasion!” focused on an alien invasion, which had Barry travelling to Kara’s Earth in order to recruit Supergirl’s help. While the actual crossover only took place on The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, Kara was there through it all. But she was the only character from Supergirl that was present during the special event and we definitely missed the National City team.

Well, it seems things are going to change this year. Entertainment Weekly has recently announced that the Danver sisters will be in the center of the action in this year’s crossover. According to Supergirl‘s executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, “Kara and Alex are at the center of it through all four hours,” He says. “One of the things we’ve been doing a lot this season is getting back to season 1 and really making it Danvers sisters-centric, so a lot of what’s going on this season is Kara and Alex doing things in tandem, and the crossover won’t be any different.”

Now, we have been getting a lot of teases about the mega crossover since all shows attended San Diego Comic Con this past July, and Arrow co-showrunner, Marc Guggenheim, said that the event would take an emotional turn this year:

“Every year we feel the pressure and I do feel like each crossover has topped the previous one. Topping last year’s [crossover] is a high bar, if for no other reason than what do you do that is bigger than aliens? We got some, I think, very, very exciting ideas. I would say, very early on in the process in actually doing last year’s crossover, Greg [Berlanti] said that ‘there’s probably no way to get bigger than aliens’. So the best way to make this year’s crossover especially epic is, if you can’t increase the bombast, increase the emotional stakes and the emotional pay-offs. A very oblique comment on where our heads are at for this season.”

A lot of fans have been theorizing that this could possibly mean a wedding might be on the way for Barry and Iris, or Oliver and Felicity. However, now that we know that Kara and Alex Danvers will take center stage in this year’s crossover, does that mean that a wedding is out of question?

It is November’s sweeps, after all, and a wedding would be great ratings-wise, right?

What do you guys think? Do you want an Olicity or a WestAllen wedding to happen in the crossover, or should they wait and have their own thing some other time? Should they get married at all?

Sound off in the comments below!


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