Scandal’s Final Season Will Ask The Hard Questions

As fan-favorite Scandal comes to an end, the Shondaland powerhouse will have the characters questioning their lives and futures. Shonda Rhimes has promised that she’s giving this final season her all, and making sure it gets the ending it deserves.

The characters will be asking themselves questions along the lines of “What do you want to be? What’s your legacy?” this season, as the show takes its final bow. In a way, Scandal is figuring out what legacy they want to leave behind.

For years, Scandal has been a staple in the ABC lineup. Olivia Pope changed the way we see politics. But all good things come to an end, and this season will be their swan song.

At the end of last season, Mellie had accepted the presidency alongside Cyrus Beene as her VP. This season will show the two of them on the same side, as former POTUS, Fitz, is up in Vermont trying to find his own legacy and future with his old flame, Olivia Pope. Will their complicated love story have a happy ending? Rhimes is keeping her lips sealed on their fate.

Rhimes also told TVLine that she’s not letting the Trump presidency affect the way this season goes. They played with it a bit last season, but she doesn’t see a need for it now.

“The best way we can deal with it is to not allow it to influence us at all”, Rhimes said.

And fret not, Quinn isn’t going soft anytime soon. Baby or no baby, she’s still going to be the badass we’ve learned to love over the years.

Scandal Season 7 premieres on Thursday, October 5, at 9pm on ABC.

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Anam Ahmad

Anam is a self proclaimed TV nerd who loves all things TV. Anything with a fantastical or SciFi twist, a drama, or a show produced by Shonda Rhimes usually catches her eye. She’s a DC native so naturally she’s an activist when she’s not sitting in front of the television.

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