Jaime and Claire Fraiser, Outlander

Outlander: Five Things We Are Looking Forward to in Season 3

Droughtlander is almost over, folks, and what a wait it has been! Before the new season gifts us with new scenes of all our favorites — and new favorites to come, I’m sure — I’d like to list what I’m most looking forward to when Outlander graces our screens.

Now, if you haven’t read the books, there are a fair number of spoilers ahead, so be warned!

  • The scenery! I loved seeing 18th century France in season two; but to go back to Scotland in the past, and then Jamaica, will be a sight to see. Outlander never fails to make the most of all the gorgeous scenery of the countries they film in, and it’s always a delight to see that amazing photography on my TV every Sunday.
  • Jamie and Claire’s journey to each other from the 20th back to the 18th century. When we left off, Claire had just discovered Jamie had survived Culloden, and the spark was completely lit. I’m curious to see how they survived — ahem, lived without each other — during those 20 years. However, watching how these characters find their way back to each other is going to be some of the best storytelling I’ve seen on my screen in years.
  • New OTP alert! We were lucky to meet Roger and Brianna in the second season finale, “Dragonfly in Amber.” I am deeply excited to get to see more of them in season 3, as well as how they (spoiler if you haven’t read the books) fall in love. The casting was pitch perfect in my opinion, and no doubt Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin will have me shipping Roger and Brianna in no time. 
  • Thanks to the knowledge from the Internet Gods, new cast and characters are coming aboard! Outlander Season 3 will pick up at various points in time in two different centuries. In return, we get to meet some interesting faces: Lord John Grey, a pivotal character in Jamie’s survival, an adult Fergus who will cross paths with Laoghaire’s daughter Marsali, and Claire’s long-standing Boston friend, Joe Abernathy — to name a few. Who are you most excited to meet, Outlander fans?
  • Last, but certainly not least, I’m ridiculously excited just for Outlander to be BACK! It’s been over a year, literally; and at times, this hiatus felt like it was never going to end. Now Outlander season 3 is upon us. As one last hint, my fellow Outlander fans, I’ll say this: I had the privilege to screen the season premiere at SDCC. I can’t say much, but I tell you this much — it was AMAZING.

What are you most looking forward to in Outlander season 3?

Outlander returns on Sunday, September 10, at 8pm on Starz.

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